These 5 Zodiac Signs Should be Careful by 14 September


These 5 zodiac signs need to be more careful due to the Retrograde Movement of Jupiter, there may be a loss for them.


  • You should be more careful about your health.
  • Disputes related to land and property may also remain pending.
  • Avoid being a victim of a conspiracy in the workplace as well.
  • Stay away from disputes and disputes related to courts should also be resolved outside.
  • Despite all this, there will be an increase in respect and social status and prestige will also increase.


  • Your own people will try to humiliate you.
  • There will be a plethora of secret enemies, which will not be easy for you to identify.
  • Do not lend more money to anyone during this period, otherwise, there will be doubt in getting back what has been given. You will get the benefit of travel and country.
  • Attempts made for foreign citizenship are likely to be successful.


  • The retrograde guru can increase family discord and mental disturbance, do not let it grow as a planetary yoga. Be mindful of health.
  • Efforts made for service in central or state government departments are the sum of success.
  • Matters related to property will get resolved. You can also buy a vehicle.
  • There will also be support from top leadership.
  • If you are trying to change your place in the job then you will be successful.


  • Retrograde Jupiter will bring a lot of ups and downs.
  • You will have to face mental trouble due to some reason or the other.
  • Don’t let the family dispute grow.
  • Pay more attention towards health.
  • Students will also have to try hard for good success in the examination.
  • Marriage-related talks will be successful.
  • There will also be sweetness in married life.
  • Time will be favorable for daily traders. Interest in religion and spirituality will increase.


  • The retrograde guru will leave no stone unturned to harass you.
  • There will be more expenditure on running and health, due to which financial crisis may also have to be faced.
  • If you are applying for tender etc. in central or state government departments, then the opportunity will be favorable.
  • Chances of receiving unpleasant news from foreign friends and relatives.
  • The court cases should also be resolved outside the court.
  • Will donate to religious trusts and temples.

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