The Third Wave of Corona across the world, India still has Time to Recover


NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul says that the third wave of the corona has increased across the world. Till now, an average of three lakh cases was being reported in a day, which has increased to more than nine lakh.

About 40 percent of the cases of corona have increased compared to the old wave. India still has time. If we want this situation will not come. If people follow the rules then the third wave will not come into the country.

Dr. VK Paul said

  • On Tuesday, Dr. Paul said that at this time everyone is discussing the next or third wave, but right now no one is discussing why this wave will come? If every person in the country will follow the rules, then we will not allow the coming wave to come.
  • Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that in the meeting with the Chief Ministers of the northeastern states, the PM has given very clear messages.
  • The PM has said that the next wave in the country cannot be waited for. Don’t let this wave come.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that instead of when the third wave will come, how to stop this wave? This should be discussed.
  • Dr. Paul has even said that the message of vigilance, caution, and alertness has been given by the PM.
  • He has even said that in today’s situation inattention can lead to a huge jump. It is very important to stop it.
  • Two yards distance, masks, and vaccinations are enough to stop corona. Through these weapons, the epidemic can be prevented from coming again.

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People want to Roam Before the wave Arrives

  • Health Ministry Joint Secretary Luv Kumar Aggarwal said that even in the Corona epidemic, people are making various excuses.
  • Many people feel that they should turn around and come back before the next wave arrives. Many people say that he has been in the house for two years and now the house has started looking like a jail.
  • While talking like this, they are forgetting that the effect of the corona is the way to the ICU of hospitals.
  • People have to be careful if that situation is to be avoided. Otherwise, he can become a source of the epidemic not only for himself but for others.

Right now these Five States have the Highest Number of Corona

  • The Joint Secretary said that so far high-level committees have been sent by the Central Government in 11 states including seven Northeast.
  • If we look at the current situation, the highest number of corona cases are being reported in five states of the country.
  • Of the daily corona patients, 30.3% are from Kerala alone. Whereas 20.8% are being found in Maharashtra.
  • Similarly, 8.5, 7.3, and 6.5 percent cases are being added daily at the national level from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha respectively.

The Terror of the Third Wave

  • The third wave of Corona has just arrived in Britain. There in the second wave, around 59 thousand cases were being received daily.
  • Whereas at the beginning of the third wave, more than 34 thousand cases are being reported.
  • Earlier seven thousand cases were being received in Bangladesh but now more than 13 thousand cases are being received every day.
  • Similarly, more than 40 thousand cases are being found daily in Indonesia, increasing from 12.
  • This shows that the next wave of the corona is very serious. In India, this figure could be even bigger because, during the second wave, the peak of corona had reached four lakh infected patients, which were being met daily.

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