Petrol Price Cross 100 in these Cities: Know how much is the price in your city

The fuel rates across the nation have reached new record-breaking highs, as per information on the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) website

Petrol-diesel prices have increased again today on behalf of state-owned oil companies. Today the price of diesel has increased by 15 to 16 paise while the petrol price has increased by 34 to 35 paise. Today, in Delhi, the price of petrol is Rs 101.54 while the price of diesel is Rs 89.87 per litre. The price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 107.54 and diesel is Rs 97.45 per litre.

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Know-How much is the price in major metros

Cities Diesel Petrol
Delhi 89.87 101.54
Mumbai 97.45 107.54
Kolkata 93.02 101.74
Chennai 94.39 102.23

Price varies daily at 6 pm: Know how much is the price in your city

  • You can also know the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. According to the IndianOil website, you have to write RSP and your city code and send it to the 9224992249 number. The code for each city is different, which you will get from the IOCL website.
  • Let us tell you that the prices of petrol and diesel change every day at 6 am. The new rates are applicable from 6 am onwards. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles.
  • On the basis of these parameters, oil companies do the work of fixing petrol rates and diesel rates daily.
  • Dealers are people running petrol pumps. They sell petrol themselves at retail prices to the consumers end after adding taxes and their own margins. This cost is also added to the petrol rate and diesel rate.

The price of Petrol crossed 100 in these cities

Cities Petrol Price
Mumbai 107.54
New Delhi 101.54
Kolkata 101.74
Chennai 102.23
Bengaluru 104.94
Bhuvneshwar 102.36
Jaipur 108.40
Patna 103.72
Thiruvananthapuram 103.17
Bhopal 109.89
Coimbatore 102.46
Nasik 107.53
Nagpur 106.95
Shrinagar 104.04
Visakhapatnam 106.45
Pune 107.11
Indore 109.68

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