Taliban started to rule in occupied areas: Women will not be able to go out alone


The Taliban, with a dangerous customs policy, has again captured Afghanistan. The memories of the Taliban’s rule between 1996 and 2001 are fresh in the minds of the people there. People did not have freedom then. The fear of Taliban terrorists was so much that people from other countries were hesitant to reach Afghanistan.

This is the reason that when the Taliban captured the capital Kabul as well, people broke down at the airport. On Monday, people sat on the tires of the flying US Air Force plane. Three people died after falling from the sky.

Do you know what was it like in the previous Taliban rule, remembering that the people there do not want to take the risk this time and want to leave the country?

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These were the rules of the Taliban in the previous regime

  1. Women could not go out on the streets without a burqa. The presence of a male relative was necessary with them.
  2. Women were not allowed to come out in the balconies of the houses.
  3. All windows on the ground floor and first floor were either painted or covered with screens to prevent people from seeing women in building from the streets.
  4. No man could hear the footsteps of women, so women were not allowed to wear high heels.
  5. Women could not speak loudly in public so no stranger could hear.
  6. They could not give their photographs for any film, newspaper, or magazine.
  7. At that time, many such reports had come to the fore, in which it was said that Taliban terrorists used to go door-to-door to prepare a list of women aged 12 to 45 years. After this such women were forced to marry terrorists.
  8. In December 1996, 225 women in Kabul were sentenced to flogging for not following the dress code.
  9. Girls were not allowed to go to school.
  10. Music and sporting activities were banned throughout Afghanistan.
  11. Men were not allowed to shave their beards.
  12. The common people did not have the right to complain.

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