India to give Emergency visa to Afghanistan citizens


In view of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, India has relaxed visa rules. The Union Home Ministry on Tuesday announced a new category of visas so that the applications of people wishing to come to India from Afghanistan can be processed at the earliest.

The announcement comes two days after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

E-Emergency Visa to India from Afghanistan

  • A Home Ministry spokesman said that the visa rules were reviewed in view of the current situation in Afghanistan.
  • After this, a new route has been opened. Under the new route, electronic visas will be given to those wishing to come to India from Afghanistan.
  • It has been named an e-emergency visa to complete the process expeditiously.

Three died after falling from the plane

  • Fearing the Taliban, thousands of Afghans reached Kabul Airport on Monday. I
  • n a hurry to leave the country, some civilians boarded the army jet, out of which three were killed. A US official said that seven people died in the stampede in Afghanistan.

The situation worsened in a week

  • This situation has come to the fore there when the Taliban took control of Kabul within a week by overthrowing a government backed by Western culture.
  • However, no major incident has come to light after the Taliban took over.
  • However, after looting the armory and vacating the prisons, many Afghan citizens are scared and imprisoned in their homes.

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