Russia Said the Situation in Kabul under the Taliban is better than Ghani


Amidst the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, Russia has given a shocking statement. In fact, Russia has said that the situation in Kabul under the Taliban will be better than Ghani.

Echo Moscow radio station in Moscow

  • The situation is peaceful and good and everything is calm in the city. According to the news agency Reuters, Jirnov said this while doing the Echo Moscow radio station in Moscow.
  • Jirnov said that Ghani’s regime was torn apart like a pack of cards. In his time, chaos was at its peak, people had lost hope and development had come to naught. But now the 24-hour rule of the Taliban shows that all will be well in the coming days in the city.
  • Jirnov said that initially unarmed Taliban units had entered the capital, Kabul. After this, the government and American forces were asked to surrender their weapons. But when the regime refused to surrender, their main armed units entered the capital and then fled in fear. After Ghani’s escape, a curfew was imposed there.

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Russian Ambassador and News Agency said said

  • The Russian ambassador said the Taliban had already taken control of the security perimeter of the Russian embassy, ​​which has more than 100 personnel. He said on Tuesday he would hold detailed security talks with the Taliban.
  • Meanwhile, Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti reported that Ghani fled Kabul with four cars and a helicopter loaded with cash.
  • The RIA said that Ghani has emptied the country’s treasury. In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s special representative for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, said on Monday that Ghani’s escape from Kabul was shameful in the eyes of the people there. How can the Afghan people give accountability to such a president, he said.

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