Omicron Virus in India: What Are The Symptoms Of Omicron?


Panic has arisen all over the world due to the new form of corona “Omicron“. On which scientists from all over the world are doing research. This is an emergency because within a week the Omicron virus has spread to 24 countries and so far 210 people have been infected in this way.

Now the Omicron virus has spread in India too. The first two cases of the Omicron virus in India were reported in Karnataka on Thursday and five people were reported to have been infected.

According to the Ministry of Health, on December 2, two cases of the variant have been reported in India. One of the two is a citizen of South Africa and the other is a local health worker.

The Ministry of Health had enforced the people to create panic situations and follow their corona protocol. Also, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is going to hold a high-level meeting on Friday to impose some strict restrictions on the state.

How The Infection Spread In Karnataka

  • Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar informed that a 66-year-old man who tested positive for Omicron had visited South Africa.
  • While the other 46-year-old patient had not made any such travel and is a health worker, both the patients had only complained of fever.
  • The special thing is that both the patients have taken the corona vaccine. One infected patient has received the first dose of the Covid vaccine and the other has received a single dose of the Covid vaccine.
  • Experts say that there will be more cases of omicrons in Rajasthan. Also, experts claim no serious symptoms in all cases.

What Are The Symptoms Of Omicron?

  • Scientist reveals only mild symptoms of the variant like headache, body aches, and fatigue.
  • 30 mutations spike protein have been found in Omicron.
  • The Omicron virus enters the body through the virus cell via the spike protein.

Uncertainty Related To Omicron

  • The WHO states that it is unclear whether Omicron will cause severe disease compared to other variants such as Delta.
  • Also increasing patients in South Africa may be because more people are being infected rather than they are infected because of Omicron.
  • Doctors may have to adjust therapies to treat people who become seriously ill with the Omicron variant.
  • The new variant may not respond to the current treatment options used for other variants.
  • “There is no information about whether the symptoms of omicron are different from those of other types,” WHO told DW.
  • The level of severity of this variant can be understood several days to several weeks of data.

How Vaccines Are Effective Against Omicron?

  • Scientists say that before coming to any decision, thorough research and data will have to be done.
  • The CEO of vaccine maker Moderna also warned that there could be a decline in the effectiveness of existing COVID vaccines against Omicron, but did not say how much. He said we are waiting for data to say comment on this.
  • Mikel Dalston, Pfizer’s chief scientific officer, said in an interview, that his company expects the booster shots to provide adequate protection against the Omicron variant. 
  • BioNTech-Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are trying hard to produce vaccines for this new variant.
  • South Africa’s top infectious diseases expert in a press conference said that existing vaccines will work effectively against this new variant too.
  • Update on Omicron by WHO on November 28: Keeping uncertainties aside, it’s logical to think that currently available vaccines in the market offer some sort of “protection against severe disease and death”, that the Omicron variant can cause.

There is no concrete information about this new variant and experts are advising caution. Also, scientists have investigated which omicrons will have the most mutations.

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