25 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2021

Christmas brings a sense of hope, joy, love, togetherness, along with heartwarming family traditions. After the difficult year 2020, Christmas 2021 is even more special for us.

How can you expect Christmas without flickering display lights on your exterior, displays on the yard, etc?
Christmas is not complete without them. both indoor and outdoor decorations make the Christmas festival more fun and festive.

Decorating the house with family is an annual Christmas tradition all around the world. But are you not sure about ideas or are you confused? Here we have mentioned 25 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021, for outdoor, indoor, bedroom, dining, etc to make you feel the vibe. 

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20 Best Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021

1- MultiColoured Christmas Lights

christmas decoration idea
source: rd.com

This is one of the easiest decoration ideas for Christmas. Use multicolored lights to decorate your outdoors in a wonderful rainbow feel. In addition, you can use these lights on other outdoor items or decor items. Simply wrap these lights over them and your Christmas outdoor scene is ready.

2- Coloured Christmas Tree 

source: rd.com

Multicolor iridescent display trees are one of the best Christmas decoration ideas 2021 for you. Also, you can add some lights over them and decorate them with ornaments. This will give your house an amazing Christmas vibe.

3- Dining Decoration for Christmas

source: lowes.com

Decorative dining is one of the best Christmas decoration ideas because dining is the center of attraction for anyone who visits here during the festive season. You can decorate the dining with your own handmade ornaments, using a red table cloth for a proper Christmas vibe.

Attach some gold jingle bells to Santa Claus with a red ribbon and hang them along with the chandelier above the dining table. You can also use curved lights for decoration. Place some candles with the help of wreaths made up of twigs and add ruby red decorative berries around the wreath for a cozy touch. In addition to this dress up your plates with red napkins and golden napkin holders.

4- Bedroom Decoration with Warm Accents

source: franciskasvakreverden.blogspot.hu

If you want to bring some winter this Christmas, decorate your home with some dark or colorful woods. Use a rich silky white fabric for your bedroom, wrap over your bed with a snow-white faux fur throw, for a wonderful winter ride.

Decorate the indoor desk and table with some handmade ornaments, metal lanterns, glass candles, etc. A white and red color theme can be used for the entire home decor, as it will give you a Christmas atmosphere. The best part is that decorating even a small corner of your home will attract the attention of others.

5- Personalized Christmas Wreaths

christmas decoration idea
source: anoninterior.com

No doubt, that the Christmas wreath is one of the best Christmas decoration ideas. A beautifully designed, Christmas wreath is the declaration of the festive season. Hang them outside the door to greet the visitors and welcome them into your home.

You can buy Christmas wreaths from the market or showcase your craftsmanship by making some handmade wreaths. Christmas wreaths can be made from the old traditional style or you can give them a different touch. To complement your outdoor display you hang colorful lights along with the wreath for a complete Christmas vibe.

6- Twinkle Lights for Indoor Decoration

christmas decoration ideas
source: oprahdaily.com

Christmas is not only for outdoor decoration, but indoor decoration is also important. You can make your home holiday paradise with these twinkling lights. Simply place these twinkling lights at the end of the stairs, add garlands to the stairs and decorate with lights.

7- Christmas Kitchen Makeover

kitchen christmas decoration
source: Pinterest

There is no excuse for skipping the kitchen’s decorations at Christmas. You don’t even need a big budget to do that? From any home store, you can exchange oven clothes, dish towels, and more for Christmas-themed counterparts. As shown in the above image, decorated garlands with red bows and twinkling lights can be laid across the top cabinets,  this will give your kitchen a cozy look.

Place some red decorative items in the kitchen, take out your red and white utensils or machines, hang a chandelier in the middle of the kitchen for a perfect Christmas vibe. Small Christmas trees can be used to decorate kitchen corners.

8- Black Mantle Decor

source: Pinterest

Decorating the black mantle or any other dark black piece in your home will be a good idea for this Christmas. Also, from the Christmas decoration ideas, this is the most appealing one. For decorating the black mantle use some colorful gift-wrapped boxes, glass candles above it.

Hang a wreath made up of Christmas lights above the wall, as shown in the image with some colorful ribbon around it. Place a small Christmas tree close to the black mantle and decorate it with colorful lights and gifts.

9- Front-Door Decoration for Christmas

christmas 2021
source: pinterest

Bid all who visit you during the season good tiding and cheer with gleeful decorations on your front door. Lights that line the house and wrap around the railings of the porch are a great start, but the front door where every guest will knock is the ideal template for your best and brightest Christmas decorations.

For Christmas eve, decorate your front outdoor gate with red color flowers. Draping the lights around the stairs is a good idea but for visitors, while knocking on your front door, the appealing decoration there is like icing on the cake. Poinsettias and lanterns around the sides of the front door, a red and white doormat, and a big Christmas wreath will please the visitors.

10- Icicle Christmas lights

christmas decoration ideas
source: rd.com

These small lights around the roof of the house will look like icicles are dripping from the roof. This is one of the best Christmas decoration ideas, you may feel like you are in a Christmas town. Also, they are just like other lights but these lights will make you feel you are living in your own winter wonderland.

11- Oversize Christmas wreath

christmas 2021
source: rd.com

No wonder, so many of you want decorations that will last long after Christmas Eve. For such people, I think a larger size Christmas wreath is the best idea. Simply wrap some Christmas lights around a plain wreath and place it outside or indoors. This large wreath will last even after Christmas and you can add a red ribbon to it to make it more attractive.

12- White Color Decoration for Christmas

christmas decoration ideas
source: cuded.com

If you want to give your home a beautiful look this Christmas, just “Go White”. Decorating your home with white color will give you a pleasant feeling of newly fallen snow. Obviously, Christmas comes with winter, and what could be better than feeling the vibe of winter inside too. The Christmas decorations are mostly done with cream and ivory, this is just to add warmth to the space.

I will not suggest white decoration for the full house instead you can create a snowy corner in your home. Hang some oatmeal wool stockings, white trees with green balls, white cushions, white ornaments, et, corner of your house is ready.

13- Christmas-Themed Bedroom

christmas decoration ideas
source: potterybarnkids.com

Give your bedroom a Christmas touch by swapping the old bedding with a new Christmas theme. Change the bed sheets and pillow covers with some red and white ones. Add a fluffy and soft blanket and along with that purchase Santa and reindeer shape pillows, on the bedroom. This whole bedroom decoration will give you a serious Christmas feel and a sense of magic after have dozed off.

14- Kid’s Christmas Candy Cottage

christmas decoration ideas
source: savvydeetspartyboutique.blogspot.com

A Christmas candy buffet spread is a bright surprise that kids are sure to appreciate, whether you’re throwing a birthday party or just want to make Christmas at your house more fun for the younger members of the family. A festive tablecloth, transparent jars of various heights loaded to the brim with Christmas treats, and ribbons are sure to please.

The sweets will delight the children, while their parents will be enthralled by the whimsical and dynamic presentation. It’s also a good way to reward yourself for all your hard work in putting it together with something tasty.

15- DIY Cinnamon Christmas Candles

christmas decoration ideas
source: onmogul.com

Cinnamon and vanilla are two of the Christmas season’s signature scents. You can embrace them both with a set of affordable homemade candles. This DIY project will take you less than an hour, but leave your home smelling festive and fresh all winter long.

Nearly all fond holiday memories are intertwined with the unforgettable comfort of a sweet and spicy scent. Custom-made cinnamon stick candles like these will take you right back to the best Christmas’ of your youth and surely become a staple on your DIY Christmas To-Do list for years to come.

16-Christmas Deer Pillows 

christmas decoration ideas
source: raegunramblings.com

A pillow depicting one of Santa’s hooved helpers is a great way to brighten up your sofa or bedroom during the holidays. The deer’s glitter application is both festive and fashionable, and the rustic-inspired wood fabric pays homage to the animal’s wild roots.

For an added splash of happy winter fun, the background cloth can be striped or candy-cane-themed. A cuddly pillow for kids is guaranteed to be a hit, and it’s even more special because it’s handcrafted. A Christmas deer pillow can also be used as a foundation for various designs that reflect your favorite holiday motifs.

17- Potted Christmas trees

christmas decoration ideas 2021
source: rd.com

Cute and mini Christmas tree pots will give an upscale feel to the visitors. Shouldn’t they? Whether these mini trees are real or fake, both of them go best with the Christmas theme. You can also drape ribbons around the pots and add tie some gifts to the leaves of the tree.

18- Make an Ornament Garland

christmas decoration
source: oprahdaily.com

You can skip the traditional way of designing the home for Christmas and try this one. This is one of the best Christmas decoration ideas 2021 and a studded option too. Pick a corner of your room, place some colorful gifts, colorful balloons, give a flavor of silver ornaments. Remember to do the decoration with green, white and red color.

19- Oranges and Cloves

Oranges and Cloves
source: pinterest

All of these are pomanders, or Christmas oranges and cloves decorations, which are a historical tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages but didn’t gain popularity as a holiday significance until the 1830s. It’s simple to make these Pomanders and they smell amazing invoking strong holiday memories and creating an undeniably “Christmas” ambiance.

you can make these traditional Christmas oranges with a range of patterns and designs, either for yourself or for your loved ones. This Christmas fill the scents of the season with these traditional gifts. 

20- Fake snow

Fake snow
source: rd.com

Not everywhere people celebrate Christmas there is snow. This is also a creative and one of the Christmas decoration ideas 2021. You can buy cotton batting or with cotton too, you can create snow outside your house. Purchase a snowman put it in the yard and place artificial snow all around there. 

21- Christmas Doormat

Christmas door mat
source: rd.com

It sounds strange, but yes, a personalized Christmas doormat will enhance your decor. Build a personalized doormat with your name on it that’s also affordable. This will look attractive and another Christmas decoration idea 2021. You can also gift this personalized doormat to your friend and family, it will be a lot of fun.

22- Painted Christmas windows

Painted Christmas windows
source: rd.com

Bring out your artistic skills and paint the windows inside so that everyone can see from the outside. Draw Christmas landscapes, pictures, write short messages, to make your neighbor cozy and warm wipe off liquid chalk. Window decoration should become a basic Christmas Eve ritual for you and your family.

23- Make a Big Balloon Tree

Make a Big Balloon Tree
source: oprahdaily.com

This waggish version of the Christmas tree is something new and unique, which makes it another best Christmas decoration ideas for 2021. If you are going to host a party make sure to add this balloon tree to your list. This colorful-balloon tree is just another way of grabbing attention. 

24- Decorate the Fridge

Decorate the Fridge
source: oprahdaily.com

You can’t ignore the fridge while decorating the house. From a kid to an older person, fridge decor is something which is liked by everyone. Put some magnetic trees, stickers, cards on the fridge. This is the best way to keep your kids busy so that you can prepare the holiday meal.

25- Nature-Inspired Holiday Dining

Nature-Inspired Holiday Dining
source: sophiasdecor.blogspot.com

You can add some small but noteworthy touches to your dining area this Christmas season by turning to nature for inspiration. Snow, pine, and greenery all make wonderful starting points for design. Start candlesticks in either a rustic metallic or actual wood.

Thick dishes with rounded corners or some type of nature design work well, in addition to adding a simple plastic ornament with a tag attached as a placeholder. Feathers, a light sprinkling of silvery glitter, and chair covers secured with sheer brown ribbon and pinecones will tie everything together.

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