Maharashtra Lockdown: What’s Open and What’s Closed 

Amid the unprecedented covid-19 surge in Maharashtra, CM Uddhav Thackeray has announced strict curfew-like restrictions on public movement for the next 15 days all over the state, stated the “war against coronavirus has begun again”. 

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The CM said, they are not imposing the completer lockdown in the state, but there will be a strict “Janta curfew” starting from 8 pm today. It will continue till 7 am on May 1. 

Nevertheless, the essential services will remain in service throughout the curfew. The CM said while addressing the people via social media “There is a shortage of medical oxygen, beds and the demand for Remdesivir has also increased,” he said, as he appealed opposition parties and the civil society to help the government overcome the crisis. “This is not the time to do politics.”

He also announced that the board exams of class 10th and 12the are postponed for the state education board. 

The announcement has come when Maharashtra encountered 60,212 new covid-19 cases and 281 severe cases. 

What are the rules under section 144, night curfew 

  • Section 144, prohibited the gathering of more than five people at one spot.
  • Nobody is allowed to move on roads without any valid reason.
  • All the public places, service halls, activities will remain closed except essential services.
  • The essential services will be exempted from restrictions throughout the Janta curfew.
  • Depending on the local conditions, the local authorities will decide whether the domestic help, attendants, and drives should be allowed in the locality or not. 

The essential services that remain open during Janta curfew 

Medical services:- 

  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Diagnostic centers,
  • Vaccinations,
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical insurance offices
  • Manufacturing and supporting units of health services  

Manufacturing services:-

Distribution of vaccines, sanitizers, masks, medical equipment, raw material units, and other support services. 

Veterinary services:- 

  • Pet care shelters, pet food shops, and pet clinics will remain open.

Food services:-

  • Groceries, vegetable and fruit vendors, dairy, bakeries and confectionaries, and other food shops will remain open.
  • Storage and warehousing services. 

Public transport services:- 

  • Includes autos, taxis, airplanes, public buses 

Public services:-

  • All public services by local authorities. 

Finance services:- 

  • Reserve bank of India and services designated by RBI. 
  • All offices come under SEBI market infrastructure institutions such as stock exchange, depositaries, clearing corporations, and other intermediaries registered with SEBI.  
  • ATM’s

Telecom services

Supply services:- 

  • Goods transport
  • Water supply services 
  • Import and export of all commodities 
  • E-commerce services only for the supply of essential goods and services 
  • Electric and gas supply services
  • Postal services

Government services:- 

  • Government and private security services.

Petrol services:- 

  • Petrol pump and petroleum-related products such as onshore and offshore production. 

Other services:- 

  • Any service that comes under the local disaster management authority. 
  • Agricultural services including- availability of input, seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and their repair. 

The services that remain closed during Janta curfew 

  • Cinema halls, drama theaters, and auditoriums
  • Amusement park, video game parlors 
  • Water parks
  • Swimming pools, gym, clubs, and sports complex
  • Film shootings, and advertisements 
  • Shops and malls that are not including in essential services 
  • All beaches, gardens, parks, and open spaces
  • All religious places
  • Beauty parlors, spa, and salon
  • All schools and colleges
  • All type of private coaching classes
  • In political rallies also, no more than 200 people can attend an event of 50% seating capacity 


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