Yamaha’s Electric Dirt Bike Can Assist You In Learning Motocross Correctly

Dohms, a development company, and Eleo (formerly known as Spike Technologies), an electro-mobility company, have collaborated on an electric motocross bike. Elmar Dohms, who is not only the head of the production but also a motocross racer and a motocross trainer, came up with the concept.

Yamaha's Electric Dirt Bike
Yamaha’s Electric Dirt Bike
  • Yamaha Europe provided the electric dirt bike, which is based on the YZ250F.
  • It’s still in development mode, but it’ll likely race in the 250cc motocross class.
  • The heart of the machine is a powerful electric motor that can match the output of 250cc motorcycles.

Having all of the bike’s torque available from the start could make it more usable and quicker off the line. It’s just a matter of the battery, which should last for at least 30 minutes of continuous riding.

  • The EMX machine’s greatest advantage, according to the company, is its computer-controlled power supply.
  • In essence, the motor’s strength could be conveniently adjusted to mimic that of an 85cc or 125cc motocross bike.
  • The degree of adaptability can appeal to a wider audience. Since the battery is easily swappable, the unit will automatically switch to a second heat after the first, allowing for continuous operation.

    Yamaha's Electric Dirt Bike
    Yamaha’s Electric Dirt Bike

With the push of a button, inexperienced riders could detune the engine, making the bike less challenging to ride but still competitive enough to gain experience. Later, rather than purchasing a new bike, the same electric motorcycle could be fully unlocked to race in the higher EMX racing categories.

In the coming months, the prototype will be put through its paces. “We had to adjust our plans a little because of the Corona crisis. We have not yet been able to take part in international circuit tests that were carried out by the KNMV, for example,” Kusters explains himself openly.

Despite this, he remains upbeat:  “We could still develop a lot on the motorcycle. We will very soon be doing the first tests on a dirt track.”

Since dirt bikes aren’t about top-end results, electrics in the MX division makes a lot of sense. It refers to how much power you can apply quickly without losing traction in the soil. In addition, a quieter, emission-free bike will do more good than harm as opposed to traditional two-stroke MX bikes, which emit a lot of noise – up to 99 decibels.

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