Maa Chandraghanta Navratri Day 3| Significance| Puja Vidhi| Mantra| Wishes in Hindi

Maa Chandraghanta, the third form of Goddess Durga, symbolizes bravery and welfare

Maa Chandraghanta on the second day of Navratri, is worshipped will elaborate puja rituals. Goddess Chandraghanta is known as Suhag ki Devi. She signifies justice and dharma in the world and she is the married version of Maa Parvati.

About Maa Chandraghanta

  • Maa Chandraghanta, the third form of Goddess Durga, symbolizes bravery and welfare.
  • She rides a tigress and wears bright yellow. Goddess Chandraghanta has a half-moon or Chandra on her forehead.
  • According to Hindu Mythology, Chandraghanta Maa is the married form of Goddess Paravati.
  • The word Chandra means moon and Ghanta means she is the Goddess who has an ocean of knowledge and spreads power, bravery, and courage.
  • Goddess Chandraghanta sits on a lion and holds a Gada, sword, Dhanush, Kamandal, Trishul, arrow, jap mala in one hand while a lotus in the other hand.
  • She is known for making the world a better place by providing discipline and justice.
  • She also gives us the strength to fight the demons among themselves.

Navratri Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta Puja Vidhi

  • A shallow pan, which is made of clay, is placed next to the idol. Later, water is sprinkled on the pan with rice.
  • A Kalash filled with Akshat, coins, Dhruva grass, Ganga Jal, supari, and coins is kept next to the idol of the Goddess.
  • The Kalash is surrounded by mango leaves followed by the mantra

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Navratri Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta Puja Mantra

Om Devi Chandraghantayai Namah

Pindaj Pravaarudh chandkopastrkairyuta

Prasadam Tanute Madhyam Chandraghanteti vishrutaa

पिण्डज प्रवरारुढ़ा चण्डकोपास्त्र कैर्युता |

प्रसादं तनुते मह्यं चंद्र घंष्टेति विश्रुता ||

Navratri Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta Stuti

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Chandraghanta Rupena Samsthita

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

या देवी सर्वभू‍ते षुमाँ चंद्रघंटारूपेण संस्थिता।

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:।।

Navratri Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta Significance

  • By the grace of Chandraghanta Devi, devotees have visions of supernatural objects.
  • Divine fragrances are experienced and a variety of sounds are heard.
  • Mother always keeps her devotees away from all obstacles and provides happiness in life.

Navratri Day 3: Colour of The Day

People wear red on 3 Days of Navratri day, which symbolizes beauty and fearlessness. The day worships Goddess Chandraghanta, who rewards people with her bravery, grace, and courage.

Navratri Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta Wishes| Quotes In Hindi

माँ का यह रूप बहुत ही सौम्य और मनमोहक हैं. माँ सिंह पर सवार होती सिंह ही माँ अक वाहन हैं. माँ दस भुजाएं हैं और उन सभी भुजाओं में अलग-अलग शस्त्र हैं जिनसे माँ हमारी आसुरी शक्तियों से रक्षा करती हैं.

माँ चंद्रघंटा शक्ति का स्वरूप हैं. मस्‍तक पर घंटे के आकार का अर्द्धचंद्र धारण किए माँ के घंटे की ध्वनि में वो शक्ति हैं जिससे अत्याचारी, दानव, दैत्य भय से कापतें हैं. माँ का यह रूप भक्तो के लिए अत्यंत ही कल्‍याणकारी और शांति प्रदान करने वाला है.

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