Corona Third Wave may come this month: Experts said – The situation will be worse in October

According to experts, the third wave that started in the month of August may reach its peak in October

The third wave of corona in India can knock from this month. Experts have said that the third wave of corona may come in the month of August, in which one lakh corona cases will be reported daily.

At present, more than 40 thousand new cases are being reported in the country every day. At the same time, more than 550 people are dying, while on Sunday 39 thousand people have returned home after recovering.  In view of the weak health system in the second wave, the Center has directed the states to keep oxygen, medicines, and other essential items available in advance.

Although the third wave of corona will not be more dangerous than the second wave, experts said that in the second wave, 4 lakh new cases were seen every day in the country, but now the scary picture will not be seen.

The assessment of experts who speculated about the location of the corona was based on a mathematical model. In May, IIT Hyderabad professor Vidyasagar said that India’s coronavirus outbreak could peak in the coming days based on mathematical models.

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Cases rising in Kerala and Maharashtra

  • A report citing researchers led by professors from IITs Hyderabad and Kanpur suggested that the rise in Covid-19 cases would lead to the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. He said that it may reach its peak in October.
  • Experts said that the way corona cases are coming up in Kerala and Maharashtra can worsen the situation.
  • Let us inform you that more than 20 thousand cases of corona are coming daily in Kerala. At the same time, about 7 thousand cases are being reported in Maharashtra.
  • The number of corona patients is increasing continuously in both states.

Corona rising in 10 states

  • According to the ministry, 80.36 percent of new corona cases have been reported from five states in the last day, in which Kerala alone accounts for 49.3 percent.
  • On the other hand, talking about the death, in Maharashtra, 225 patients died on Saturday. 80 patients died in Kerala.
  • At present, the 10 states where cases of corona infection are increasing include Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, and Manipur.

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