Coronavirus Reproduction Rate Increasing: Warns AIIMS and CSIR


For the fifth consecutive day in the country, more than 40 thousand cases of corona have been reported. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS, New Delhi has said that the reproduction rate (R-value) of the coronavirus is increasing in the country which is a matter of concern.

At the same time, CSIR Director-General Dr. Shekhar C Mande has said that the third wave of Corona will definitely come, it will be difficult to say how and when it will attack.

Dr. Guleria told that earlier the R-value of the coronavirus was 0.99, which has now increased to one. There is a need to be cautious about the increase in the reproduction rate of the coronavirus. An increase in the R-value means that the rate of transmission of corona infection from person to person has increased.

In such a situation, in the areas of the country where the infection rate is high, emphasis will have to be laid on implementing the restrictions strictly. Dr. Mande says that research has shown that the vaccine against the delta variant is working. In such a situation, there is an appeal to everyone to get vaccinated, this is a simple way to prevent the deadly coronavirus.

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Delta Plus is also a concern

  • Dr. Mande says that India has already struggled with the delta variant.
  • The Delta Plus variant is also a matter of concern. Have to be cautious about this.
  • The pace of the epidemic is the fastest in Kerala. Half of the total patients found in the country are being found in Kerala.
  • Seeing the pace of infection shows that after Kerala, the coronavirus reaches Maharashtra and after that, it starts wreaking havoc in other parts of the country.

Keep an eye on the worst affected areas

  • Dr. Guleria says that in the areas badly affected by the infection, the strategy of the triple-T test, track, and treat will have to be worked out so that the chain of corona can be broken.
  • If the graph of infection continues to grow like this, then the situation may worsen in the coming time.
  • According to the Union Health Ministry, the infection rate is more than ten percent in a total of 46 districts across the country. In 54 districts it is between five and ten percent.

Think of the R-value as

  • Dr. Guleria explains that measles and chickenpox had an R-value of eight or more. This means that one person was infecting more than eight people.
  • Now Corona is also on the same path. In the second wave of the pandemic, we have seen that due to one person, the whole family got infected.
  • This used to happen in chickenpox, due to the delta variant, the whole family was in the grip of infection.

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