Child Marriage Registration Allowed in Rajasthan: Opposition Calls ‘Black Law’


The Rajasthan Assembly passed the Compulsory Registration of Marriages (Amendment) Bill on Friday, 2021 by voice vote even after strong opposition from the opposition. The main thing to understand is that with the passage of this bill, the registration of child marriages will also be allowed in the state.

Suppose if the boy is less than 21 years of age and the girl is less than 18 years of age then at that point the bills in Rajasthan say the parents or guardians will have to inform the same within 30 days at the time of marriage and register with the registering officer. The BJP has expressed disappointment over the passage of this bill.

The main opposition party in the Assembly, the BJP, during the proceedings of the Parliament, raised the question, “What is the need for registration and what is the purpose of the bill. This bill will write a dark chapter in the history of the Legislative Assembly.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Rajasthan told the reason

  • Shanti Dhariwal Parliamentary Affairs Minister gave tells answer to the discussion on the bill over the heavy discussion. He said it was very important to bring the bill.
  • Only the District Officer could register the marriages after the Registration of Marriage Registration Act 2009, but now the Additional District Officer and Block Officer have also been added to it.

BJP raised questions on the bill

  • At the same time, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Gulab Chand Kataria said that this amendment bill passed by Congress is against the Hindu Marriage Act. The marriage of minors is illegal among Hindus, but Congress is not ready to understand this.
  • The BJP demanded a division of votes assembly, After the refusal of Chairman Rajendra Pareek, BJP MLAs came to the well and staged a walkout raising slogans.
  • At the same time, during the discussion on the bill, BJP MLA of Rajasthan Ashok Lahoti said, ‘The passing of the bill is a dark day for the assembly. Does the assembly allow us to unanimously allow child marriage?

Congress clarify the reason for the Bill

  • Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal said, ‘Registration of marriage below the prescribed age of marriage does not mean that the marriage is valid.
  • Even though the registration has been done, action can be taken against them as per the rules.
  • The registration of less than the prescribed age was done under the obligatory compliance of the orders of the Supreme Court.
  • He also said that a marriage certificate is a legal document and in the absence of it, many times a widow woman cannot be taken into the state services. In such a situation, the difficulties of disposal in succession cases will also be removed.

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