World Car-Free Day: History| Importance| Benefits

World Car-Free Day

World Car-Free Day means why World Car-Free Day is celebrated. As its name suggests, this day is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of going car-free and make people aware.

World Car-Free Day is celebrated every year on 22 September across the world to encourage motorists not to drive their cars for a day. But if you have this question in your mind that what will happen if you do not drive a car one day. So we are telling the answer to this important question through this article.

According to the official website of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), “The program highlights the many benefits of going car-free to citizens. This includes reducing air pollution and promoting walking and cycling in a safe environment.

The purpose of celebrating World Car-Free Day is to create awareness among people about the protection of the environment. To make people aware and aware of vehicular pollution.

World Car-Free Day History

  • Several informal car-free days have been organized since the 1990s in countries such as Iceland, the UK, etc.
  • However, the campaign has now gone global with World Car-Free Day, launched by Carbsters (now the World Car-Free Network) in 2000.

World Car-Free Day Importance

  • According to the World Car-Free Network, “World Car-Free Day is the perfect time to take the heat off the earth. Its aim is to inspire city planners and politicians to consider cycling, walking rather than motor vehicles.” And give priority to public transport.”
  • Several events are organized around the world to spread awareness about the pollution caused by cars and to emphasize the need to find an alternative to a car-dominated society.
  • The official website of UNEP states, “The consequences of going car-free are clearly visible. For example, the first car-free day was held in Paris, France in September 2015. This caused exhaust emissions.” was found to be as low as 40 percent.

Global warming is a big threat

  • It is well known how much damage is being done to the environment by the smoke emitted from motor vehicles.
  • Due to global warming, glaciers are melting in many places in the world today and the risk of floods is increasing due to untimely heavy rains.
  • Global warming has become an international problem. Due to increasing pollution of the environment, people are also suffering the consequences.

Pollution can stop like this

  • Governments around the world are motivating their citizens to adopt such measures, which can reduce the damage to the environment.
  • In this, people are encouraged to do vehicle sharing such as a bike or taxi pooling. In addition, the use of public transport is also being encouraged.
  • Adoption of these measures has not only changed the way people travel, but traffic congestion has also improved.
  • Motor vehicle emissions and air pollution have also come down. However, now governments are promoting electric vehicles.
  • Along with this, many incentives and subsidies are also being given to the people to adopt it.

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