Afghan Women Take to the Streets Against Taliban Ban on Work

Afghan Women

The Taliban tightened their grip on Afghan women’s rights, reduced access to work, and denied girls the right to secondary education the horror was seen on Monday in Afghanistan. Delivering a softer version of his brutal and oppressive regime of the 1990s, Islamic fundamentalists are snatching freedoms a month after seizing power. Afghan women come to the streets to protest against the Taliban according to the report.

“I may die too,” said a woman dismissed from her senior role in the foreign ministry. “I was in charge of an entire department and I had many women working with me… now we all have lost our jobs,” she said.

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Afghan Women

  • Mayur of Afghanistan said all the jobs of women will be filled by men only and women will not work. That’s why women there are in fear that they will remain unemployed for whole life. Let us tell you that Afghan women have fight for long 20 years.
  • Afghan women have fought for and achieved basic rights over the past 20 years, becoming parliamentarians, judges, pilots, and police officers, although mostly confined to large cities.
  • Hundreds of thousands have entered the workforce – a necessity in some cases because many women were widowed or now support invalid husbands as a result of two decades of conflict. But since returning to power on August 15, the Taliban have shown no inclination to respect those rights.

Taliban doesn’t Afghan Women to Work

  • When pressured, Taliban officials say the women have been told to stay at home for their own safety but will be allowed to work once proper segregation is enforced. “when it will be?” A female teacher said. “It happened last time. They kept saying they would let us return to work, but it never happened.

A lawyer in the capital’s high court told that –The Taliban said not to come back to work and wait for their second announcement to come. But its totally crystal clear that they don’t want women to go back to work.

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