Amrit Manthan Kalash still exists in this Country?

Amrit Manthan
The name of the temple where Amrit Manthan Kalash is present is ‘Kandi Sukuh’

For so long we have been hearing and listening about the churning of the ocean and the nectar urn that came out of it. People who believe in Hinduism consider it very important. It is to be believed that the entire process of ocean churning “Amrit Manthan” was done to organize the creation of the universe.

However, some consider this to be just a myth not true. But you will be surprised to know that there is such a temple in the Muslim country of Indonesia, where it is said and believed that even today there is that nectar urn, which came out during the churning of the ocean.

Kandi Sukh 

The name of the temple we are talking about is ‘Kandi Sukuh’. The temple is situated on the western slope of Mount Lavu (elevation 910 meters i.e. 2,990 ft) on the border of Central and East Java provinces. In this ancient temple, there’s such an urn, during which a substance has been present for thousands of years.

There is such a belief about the liquid-filled within the Kalash present during this temple that it’s nectar, which has not dried up yet. In fact, within the year 2016, the work of repair of this temple was happening by the Archaeological.

  • Department of Indonesia, when the experts found a copper urn from the inspiration of the temple wall, on which a transparent Shivling was installed and a few liquids were filled inside the urn. To which they are saying that is Amrit Manthan Kalash.
  • In research, it had been found that the copper urn was attached in such how that nobody could open it.
  • Another thing that was most surprising, was that the wall from which the urn was found had carvings of ocean churning and Adiparva of Mahabharata was described.
  • It is believed that the copper urn dates back to 1000 AD. of the East, while the temple dates back to 1437 BC. was built around the east.

There was a time when Indonesia wont to be a Hindu nation, but when Islam dominated within the 15th century, this temple was demolished. It is believed that at an equivalent time that copper urn must are hidden during this temple.

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