Captain Amarinder Singh is not Joining BJP But Will Not be a Part of Congress

Captain Amarinder Singh has put an end to speculation of joining the BJP after he resigned as the Chief Minister of Punjab. The Captain has once again made it clear that he is not going to join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

During an interview with news channel ND TV, he said that I am not joining BJP but will leave Congress soon. He said that I cannot bear any more humiliation. During the interview, the Captain also said without hesitation that the Congress was declining in Punjab and Navjot Singh Sidhu was acting childish. If Sidhu’s attitude continues like this, the day is not far when Congress will be wiped out from Punjab. 

Amarinder Singh- If there is no trust, then what is the point of being at the party

  • Captain Amarinder Singh said that I have been in politics for 52 years. The way I have been treated. At 10.30 am the Congress President asks you to resign.
  • I didn’t ask any questions. At 4 pm I went to the governor and resigned.
  • If the party high command does not trust me even after 50 years, then what is the point of me being in the party? Amarinder Singh said that I told Sonia Gandhi that she has been humiliated thrice at the party.

Amarinder Singh- How can one live where there is no trust

  • Amarinder Singh said that I have made my stand very clear to Congress that I do not tolerate this kind of treatment with me.
  • Despite this, I will not stand by you. I have not resigned from Congress yet, but how can one live where there is no trust.

Amarinder Singh- Navjot Singh Sidhu is an Immature person

  • Sidhu is an immature person. I have said over and over again that he is not a stable person. He is not a team player. He is alone.
  • How will he handle Punjab Congress? For that, you have to be a team player, which Sidhu is not.

Amarinder Singh- Sidhu was fit for Kapil Sharma’s show

  • Describing Sidhu as ‘childish’, he said that Sidhu is good at creating scenes. He may do what he did on The Kapil Sharma Show and mobilize crowds, but he is not a serious man.
  • How can a non-serious person’ be taking serious, big decisions in the conduct of the party and the state government. He can only pretend.

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