Use Google Maps to find the closest COVID-19 vaccination centers

Since the rising cases of Corona, everyone is concerned for their near and dear ones. Vaccination is not for us, but our parents and grandparents surely need to get doses. To save your time in looking for the centers and availability of the vaccine, be prepared beforehand. You can use Google Maps to find the closest COVID-19 vaccination centers, and reach out to them on time. It also mentions the availability of the vaccine at that particular time and whether the center is open or not.

How to find the closest Covid-10 vaccination center near you with Google Maps

  • Go to the Google app and search for the vaccination centers on the app.

google map showing vaccination centres

  • The search results will show you all the nearby vaccination centers on the map.
  • The app will mention if the center is open or not at that moment. Also, the distance of the center is also shown on the app.

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India is suffering from the second wave of pandemic and vaccination has become a must for a safety measure. Therefore, India is vaccinating people with Covisheild, which is being produced by the Serum Institute of India, and Covaxcin, which is developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech. Sputnik V is the third vaccine that has been approved in India and the first batch of Russia’s Sputnik V will be delivered this month.

As a responsible citizen, it is our immense duty to follow the govt orders. Wear a mask, keep sanitizing and maintain social distancing as much as possible.


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