Dr. Mahmohan Singh Gives Suggestions To PM Modi for the Pandemic.

  • Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Gives Suggestions to PM Modi For the pandemic On Sunday. 
  • As India is running under the second Wave of Covid -19, Manmohan Singh said that “India has currently vaccinated a small Fraction Of its Population.” he added That people are Now Beginning to wonder that when their lives will get back to normal and argued, “there are many things we must do to fight the epidemic but a big part of this effort must be ramping up the vaccination program.”
  • He Said that With the Right design of decisions “we can do much better very quickly.”

  • Hence, hers is the full text of Manmohan Singh’s Letter is mentioned – 

 Click Here To Read the Full letter –  ManmohanLettertoModi

  1. Firstly, Singh asked PM Modi to make public orders for the coronavirus vaccine placed by the government for delivery in the next 6 months. Adding that to vaccinate a targeted number of people a sufficient number of orders need to be placed in advance so vaccine producers can comply with “an agreed schedule of supply”.
  2. Singh asked the government to be transparent about how the supply of vaccines expected in the coming 6 months will be distributed to states. Having a clear understanding of the likely availability will aid states in a smooth roll-out of inoculations. Singh also urged the Centre to hold on to only 10 percent of the vaccine stock and distribute the rest.
  3. Singh asked the Prime Minister to allow states the flexibility to define who qualifies as a ‘frontline worker’, stating that many states have expressed their desire to designate bus and taxi drivers, school teachers, municipal and panchayat staff, and even lawyers as frontline workers so they would be eligible for vaccination even if they are below the requisite 45 years of age.
  4. Singh while praising policy decisions and intellectual property protection laws adopted by previous governments, citing it as the reason for India’s success with vaccine production, urged the current government to support vaccine manufacturers, most of whom belong to the private sector, to expand their manufacturing capacities by providing funds and other necessary concessions.
  5. Since domestic vaccine supply is limited, Singh suggested that any vaccine that has been cleared for use by credible authorities such as European Medical Agency or the USFDA should be allowed to be imported without insisting on domestic bridging trials. Those who would opt for such vaccines should be disclosed of this fact

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  • He said, that the country is facing an unprecedented Emergency. He asked prime minister Narendra Modi to Follow up on these suggestions for the Well- being of the Country. 
  • Currently, Those who are 45 years old and above are only eligible for Vaccination. 

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