Two Meteor Showers will be at their Peak on the Night of July 28

The Delta Aquariid meteor shower begins in the middle of the month and peaks on July 28, 2021

The giant ‘2008 GO20’ asteroid, which has been discussed for the past several days, passed a safe distance from Earth. Although it was not possible for people to see it due to the distance being very high.

For those interested in space events, now the night of July 28 is going to be a rare, unique, and fascinating event, which can be seen even with the naked eye in the sky.

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28 July Meteor Shower

  • On this night not one but two meteor showers (meteor showers) will reach their peak simultaneously and illuminate the sky.
  • Both the Southern Delta Aquarids and the Alpha Capricorns meteorites are active today.
  • Whenever two meteors are active at the same time, there is a difference of several days in the dates of their peak, but this time two different meteors will reach their peak on the same date.
  • However, the Moon will be about 75 percent brighter this night, which may slightly obstruct the brightness of these meteor showers. Nevertheless, if the sky remains clear then this site is going to be very visible.
  • The special thing is that the Perseid meteorite, which is considered the most attractive of the year, has also started on July 17.

Dr. Shashibhushan Pandey, the scientist of Arya Bhatt Research and Observational Science Institute (ARIES), told that it will last till 26 August and will be at its peak on the night of 11 August. In those days, due to the smaller size of the moon and less brightness, it will look even better.

What are Meteors

  • Meteors are small pieces of space rock. As soon as these meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they become extremely hot and burn due to the friction of the air.
  • From Earth, it is visible as a shooting star or a falling star. When many meteorites fall on the earth, these meteors appear like a shower.
  • Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through debris leftover from the disintegration of comets as they orbit.
  • Meteor showers occur when particles of this debris enter the Earth’s atmosphere and burn.

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