The Vaccine may be Ineffective in Corona’s New Variant ‘Mu’


The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the new variant ‘mu’ of the coronavirus, saying that it is a combination of several mutations. The vaccine may be ineffective on this. This variant was first found in Colombia in January 2021. Its scientific name is B.1621. WHO is keeping an eye on this.

The World Health Organization, in its weekly bulletin on the pandemic, said ‘mu’ has been classified as a ‘variant of interest’.

This variant is a combination of several mutations, which is effective in evading the immunity created by the vaccine. This means that its mutations can attack the body even after getting vaccinated against corona.

The organization said that this variant is changing its appearance. Further study is needed to better understand this. According to the bulletin, the global prevalence of the ‘mu’ variant has declined amid increasing cases of the corona. At present, it is less than 0.1 percent. That is, the speed of its spread at the global level is not that much.

However, the prevalence is increasing in Colombia (39 percent) and Ecuador (13 percent). Sporadic cases have also been reported in other countries. Serious effects have been seen in Europe and South America. Cases of ‘mu’ have also been reported in Britain, America, and Hong Kong.

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Mu has not yet been found in India

  • The mu variant of Corona, which is being said to be worrying, has not yet been found in India. Apart from this, no case of another mutation C.1.2 has also come to the country. More than 232 mutations of the virus have been reported in India.
  • According to Dr. Vinod Scaria of IGIB, New Delhi, not a single case of Mu (B.1.621 and B.1.621.1) has been reported in India so far.
  • Dr. Scaria, one of the scientists monitoring the genome sequencing nationwide, said Public Health England has listed the mu variant as serious.
  • The evidence so far suggests that genetic changes occur in this new variant. They can be as invasive as the delta variant due to the potential for community spread.

Mu is the 5th such form that has been put on the World Health Organization’s watch list

  • Since March this year, Mu is the fifth such form that has been put on the World Health Organization’s watch list.
  • After its detection in 39 countries, it has been placed on the WHO watch list on 30 August. These include the Alpha and Delta variants.

Severe impact in Europe and South America

  • The United Nations Health Agency’s bulletin states that the emergence of this new virus mutation has caused widespread concern.
  • The main reason for this is the resurgence of the infection rates globally.
  • Experts recommend frequent monitoring to prevent the spread of the new variant.

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