Corona is Causing an Imbalance in Female Hormones and Increasing Obesity

Exercise and yoga along with household tasks especially in corona will not only prevent obesity but also from other diseases

The 18 months of the Corona period are taking a toll on women’s health. Women are troubled by increasing obesity due to irregular routines, hormonal imbalances due to carelessness in the diet especially during corona. Not only this, along with obesity, women are facing liver-related problems due to breathlessness, high BP, increase in sugar levels.

Troubled women are now making rounds of hospitals. Gynecologists say that this is called an obesity disorder, due to which the regulatory system of the whole body gets disturbed. The number of such women patients has suddenly increased in the OPDs of private hospitals along with SRN Hospital, District Women’s Hospital, the largest MLN Medical College in the division. According to doctors, ten to 12 women out of a hundred are coming with complaints of obesity.

Most people are surrounded by other diseases after increasing obesity. Thyroid and menstrual imbalance are being confirmed in some women, while in some, depression, high BP, increased sugar level and excess joint pain are being found.

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Obesity syndrome needs treatment

  • Dr. Shakti Jain, Assistant Professor of Medical College, describes the problem of obesity in women as serious. He told that such patients are coming to OPD.
  • The second problem is that the confirmation of other serious diseases along with obesity is more painful.
  • He told that during the test it was found that irregular routine, overeating, skipping of work out is now overshadowing during the Corona period. The weight of such women has increased by ten to 15 kg. Along with serious diseases, hormonal imbalance is ready to disturb body regulation.

Hormones not only cause obesity but also other diseases

  • According to gynecologist Dr. Meha Aggarwal, it is true that the miseries of women have increased during the Corona period. Due to the imbalance of hormones, not only obesity but also other diseases are surrounded.
  • The body’s metabolism is getting disturbed. Dr. Meha says that at least ten percent of the women who come to the OPD are suffering from increased weight. Everyone’s weight has increased in the last 16 to 18 months.
  • It is being found in the investigation that due to hormonal imbalance, diseases like menopause, depression, increased blood sugar in the body, thyroid, joint pain, high BP is surrounding.
  • He told that in many cases it has come to the fore that with obesity, the eyes of women and young girls have also become weak.
  • The side effects of watching TV or mobile for many hours continuously and working on laptops are causing obesity.

 Reasons that are increasing obesity

  • According to gynecologist Dr. Suman Pandey, hormonal imbalance occurs many times in women.
  • In women between the ages of 18 and 45, obesity affects the production of insulin in the body due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Lack of balance of thyroid, steroid hormones cortisol, progesterone, and estrogen, low production of testosterone is causing it.
  • There are ways to balance all these hormones, provided the treatment is done after the investigation.

Expert advice on Obesity

  • Gynecologists advise that women should always eat less food than hunger.
  • Exercise and yoga along with household tasks will not only prevent obesity but also from other diseases.
  • Change the lifestyle, a healthy diet is not only the solution to the problems, but it is also the right treatment without medicine to avoid diseases.

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