The Number of COVID Patients started Increasing after Relaxation

A day before this i.e. on Wednesday, 43,733 new cases were reported and 930 COVID patients lost their lives

On the one hand, the second wave of corona infection in the country is mostly under control in the districts. On the other hand, due to the increasing infection in the northeastern states and Kerala, the effect is now visible at the national level as well. The situation is that after 55 days on Thursday, the number of COVID-infected patients has come to the fore in the country more than those recovering from the COVID. Due to this, the number of active patients has increased by 784 instead of decreasing.

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The Union Health Ministry said that at present 4,60,704 people are undergoing treatment for coronavirus infection in the country, which is 1.50 percent of the total cases. There was an increase of 784 in the cases under treatment on the last day. The national rate of recovery of patients is 97.18%.

According to the Health Ministry, 45,674 cases were reported on the last day. While 44,291 patients were discharged. The daily cases of corona have seen an increase for the second consecutive day. Apart from these, 817 people have died in the country on Thursday.

A day before this i.e. on Wednesday, 43,733 new cases were reported and 930 patients lost their lives. At the same time, on Tuesday, 34,067 new patients and 552 people died. With this, the total cases of corona infection in the country have increased to 3,07,09,557. So far 4,05,028 have lost their lives due to Corona.

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So far 42,52,25,897 Samples have been Tested

The ministry said that 42,52,25,897 samples have been tested so far in the country. On the last day, 18,93,800 samples were tested, out of which 2.42 percent were found corona infected. In the last 17 days, this infection rate has also come down to 2.37 percent. So far, a total of 2,98,43,825 people have become infection-free. The death rate from Kovid-19 is 1.32 percent.

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