Apart from Lungs, Corona also Badly Damages these Organs, claims Bhopal AIIMS study

45 percent of the dead due to Corona had Covid in their brain

Corona infection is not just infecting our lungs but is causing huge damage to many vital organs of the body. Its bad effect has also been seen on the kidney, liver, pancreas, brain, and heart. This has been revealed in the study of Bhopal AIIMS.

For the first time in the country, the report that came out in the post-mortem of Covid dead bodies in Bhopal AIIMS, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is shocking and worrying. After an autopsy of 21 Covid dead bodies in Bhopal AIIMS, it was revealed that the coronavirus has caused problems of not only lungs but also kidneys, brain, pancreas, liver, and heart attack.

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Corona infection reached in Brain, Liver, and Kidney

The Bhopal AIIMS study has also revealed that up to 20 hours after death, the Covid-19 virus was found in the body of the infected patient. While talking to a media group, Bhopal AIIMS Director Dr. Sarman Singh said that post-mortem of the dead bodies of 21 corona-infected patients was conducted at AIIMS Bhopal from August to November last year, in which it was revealed that 45 percent of the dead had Covid in their brain. -19 infections had reached, 90 percent in the lungs and apart from this, corona infected the kidney, liver, pancreas.

Study in Bhopal AIIMS on 21 Dead Bodies

Post-mortem of the dead bodies was done, in which it was revealed that the Covid-19 infection had reached the brain of 45 percent of the dead, the pancreas system of 35 percent deteriorated. Most 90 percent of the lungs were found infected. During the autopsy, it was found that out of these 21 patients who died, 20 already had other diseases, while one patient did not have any disease before corona.

Let us tell you that this type of autopsy has never happened in the first country.

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