Another threat among Corona: The first case of deadly “Marburg Virus” found in West African country

The WHO said that the Marburg virus is usually associated with the caves of Rousetus bats

The crisis of the corona epidemic in the world is not over yet that a new threat has arisen. In fact, the first case of the deadly Marburg virus has been reported in the West African country of Guinea, after which there is an atmosphere of panic among the people here.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed this. This Marburg virus is considered to be more dangerous than Ebola and Corona. It can also spread from animal hosts to humans.

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Marburg Virus is transmitted through Bats WHO said

  • On August 2, a person died of this virus in southern Guaidu province, after which people are scared.
  • According to the WHO, the virus is probably transmitted by bats and has a mortality rate of up to 88 percent.
  • Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO’s regional director for Africa, said the potential for the this virus to spread far and wide means we need to stop it as quickly as possible.

The discovery of the virus comes just two months after the WHO announced an end to Guinea’s second outbreak of Ebola, which began last year and claimed 12 lives. In Geneva, the WHO said it considers the threat high at the national and regional levels. However, it is not as dangerous at the global level yet.

The WHO said that the Marburg virus is usually associated with the caves of Rousetus bats. According to the WHO, its infection spreads through bodily fluids of infected people, or through contact with contaminated surfaces and materials. The WHO said that we appreciate the vigilance and prompt action taken by the health workers of Guinea.

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