Kareena and Saif got Trolled for Naming the second son ‘Jehangir’


The name of the second son of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan is being told as Jehangir. Although this name has not been disclosed by Kareena and Saif themselves. Rather, the name has been revealed in Kareena’s book Pregnancy Bible.

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What is in this book

  • In this book, the actress has shared the entire experience of her pregnancy.
  • At the same time, in the last few pages of this book, she has written the name of the second son. But then at the very end, Kareena has given a big surprise to the fans.
  • According to the news, her pregnancy and post-pregnancy photos have been shown on the last page of the book, and in the caption of those photos, she has named the second baby Jehangir.
  • Kareena is once again the subject of discussion on social media.
  • Kareena and Saif have named their younger son after Mughal emperor Jehangir. Jeh’s full name is Jehangir Ali Khan.

Kareena is being trolled for even naming Jehangir

  • But social media users did not like this name. Then what was Kareena being trolled for even naming Jehangir?
  • Some users even said that they should name their son Aurangzeb.
  • Let us tell you that Aurangzeb is recognized as a cruel ruler. He was the sixth Mughal ruler to rule India.
  • Trollers say that if the second son is named Jehangir, then now the third son should be named Aurangzeb or Babar.
  • Even when Kareena’s second son was born, she was trolled a lot by the name Aurangzeb. However, it doesn’t matter to her and Saif.

These days there has been a process of trolling on social media regarding the name. Although Kareena and Saif have been replying to these trolls from time to time. When Kareena and Saif named their first child Taimur Ali Khan. People had questioned that decision too.

Let us tell you, the name of Mohd Salim, the son of the Mughal emperor Akbar, was Jehangir. Jehangir is a Parsi word, which means the king of the whole world. Although she has not yet shown the picture of her son.

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