Taliban Terrorists break world-famous ‘Ghajini Gate’

Ghajini Gate
This Ghajini Gate was built to commemorate the founding of the Islamic Empire

Taliban militants continue to attack in Afghanistan. According to the latest information, the terrorist organization has broken the world-famous ‘Ghajini Gate’ with the help of a crane. This gate was a symbol of Islamic tradition and culture, but the Taliban did not like it.

The video of breaking the Ghajini Gate province is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. The gate was built by the previous Ashraf Ghani government.

Earlier Taliban militants also vandalized the statue of Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamiyan. Bamiyan is the same place where the Taliban blew up Buddha statues in 2001 on the orders of their then leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Abdul Ali Mazari was a well-known leader for the Shias, the Hazara minority of Afghanistan. After Mazari was horribly killed by Taliban terrorists in 1996, his body was thrown down from a helicopter in Ghazni. The  Bamiyan is the same place where hundreds of years old idols of Lord Buddha have cannoned on the orders of the then Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar in 2001.

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The crisis situation in Afghanistan

  • Industries, businesses, and banks are closed due to the fear of the Taliban. Jobs are running out. People are forced to go hungry due to skyrocketing prices of items related to daily consumption.
  • People are running away from the country. Many people can’t go anywhere. It has become difficult for such people to collect bread and medicine two times.
  • People say that it has been a week since the Taliban came, but within these days the situation has gone from bad to worse.

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