Corona cases will be at the highest in October: A big danger to children


The National Institute of Disaster Management Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs has expressed the possibility of a third wave. The committee has sent its report to the Prime Minister’s Office. According to this, the third wave of Corona will be at its peak in October.

Along with this, the committee has also advised the Prime Minister’s Office to make arrangements for medical facilities for children and youth. The committee of experts believes that the third wave can become a big threat to children and youth.

According to the report, adequate arrangements for medical facilities, ventilators, doctors, medical staff, ambulances, oxygen will have to be made for the children in the country. Because a large number of children and youth will be infected with corona.

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Vaccination to be done on a priority basis

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs has released this report at a time when vaccination for children is also about to start. It has been said in the report that vaccination among children will have to be done on a priority basis.
  • Along with this, the committee has advised preparing the Kovid ward again on this basis, so that the relatives of the children can also be allowed to live with them.

Five lakh cases can come up every day

  • According to the report of the National Institute of Disaster Management, the third wave will start showing its effect by the end of September.
  • At the same time, in October, more than five lakh cases can be reported in the country every day. Due to this, the country may have to face trouble again for about two months.

The highest number of infections in Kerala

  • The hallmark of the third wave is also being seen in Kerala, Bangalore, Assam. Here the rate of infection of children is high for the last two to three weeks.
  • At present, the infection rate in Kerala has increased to 17 percent. Experts say that the corona infection may increase even more after Onam in Kerala.
  • At the same time, cases of Delta Plus variants are also increasing in the country. In Maharashtra, there have been many deaths due to this in the last few days.

IIT Kanpur had ruled out the third wave

  • On the other hand, IIT Kanpur has described the possibility of a third wave of corona infection is negligible. Senior Scientist Prof.
  • Manindra Agarwal has released a new study based on his mathematical ‘model formula’. He claims that by October, the number of cases in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh will reach unit digit.
  • He says that vaccination has further reduced its risk. This will reduce the infection continuously. He said that states like UP, Bihar, Delhi are on the way to become almost infection-free.
  • However, active cases in the country will remain close to 15 thousand till October as there will be an infection in the northeastern states including Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala.

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