Taliban shots fired on Hoisting the Flag of Afghanistan


Everything is happening in Afghanistan, which Afghans would have imagined after the rule of the Taliban. After capturing Kabul, the Taliban, who talked about maintaining peace, giving women their rights, have come down to their reality. The matter is related to the protesters carrying the Afghan national flag.

According to the news agency Aswaka, some Afghanistan citizens were demonstrating with their national flag and were demanding not to take down the Afghanistan flag. Meanwhile, Taliban militants opened fire on them.

The news agency has also released its video. Some people are waving the Afghan flag in this. But, for a while, a stampede ensues as soon as the gunshots are heard. The incident is being told of Sukh Rod in Nangarhar province. After the firing, there has been an atmosphere of panic in the entire area once again.

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Taliban boys saw in army uniform

  • Some pictures have also been released by the news agency Aswaka. In these pictures, Taliban fighters are seen in army uniforms. This uniform belongs to the National Security Directorate of the old Taliban government.
  • Just a few days ago, social media users expressed concern about the Taliban’s uniform, only after that Taliban fighters appeared in army uniform.

The female governor held hostage

  • Before this incident, another news of Taliban brutality had come to the fore. In this, Taliban militants had made the female governor of Balkh province, Salima Ghazzari, bonded.
  • It is being told that the female governor had raised her voice against the Taliban. No one knows where and in what condition they have been kept.
  • At the same time, the Taliban has also removed all-women news anchors.

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