What is Fast Spreading Stealth Omicron? Why it is Dangerous?

stealth omicron
Scientists in India and France have expressed concern about this new Stealth Omicron

The coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for everyone on the planet. Its numerous and ever-changing forms have bothered the general public and scientists.

In Europe, there is now a new sub-strain of the Omicron variant known as the ‘Stealth Omicron.’This BA.2 substrain is more vulnerable because it is stealthy enough to avoid RT-PCR tests. As a result, Europe is facing the possibility of a fresh corona wave.

This new subspecies of the coronavirus Omicron variant has been found in more than 40 countries, according to the United Kingdom.

Stealth Omicron is not caught in the crucial corona RT-PCR test. The BA.2 subform is rapidly spreading throughout Europe. That is why this new sub-strain of Omicron has created a sense of danger among the general public.

The World Health Organization classifies Omicron into three subspecies: Ba.1, Ba.2, and Ba.3. BA.1 subtypes have been discovered all over the world. The BA.2 species is now rapidly spreading.

In Denmark, as of January 20, the number of people infected with the BA.2 subspecies had nearly halved when compared to active cases. According to UK health officials, the BA.2 strain may soon be designated as a “Variant of Concern.”

What Is Stealth Omicron?

  • The UK Health Protection Agency has identified Stealth Omicron. Dr. Meera Chand, Incident Director of UKHSA, stated, “It is the nature of the virus to evolve and mutate, so we can expect to see many new variants in the coming months.”
  • She said, using genomic sequencing, we can identify them and determine whether they are serious or not.
  • This sub-lineage was discovered in December of last year.

The Stealth Strain Was Also Found In India

  • Aside from the United Kingdom and Denmark, the BA.2 strain has also been reported in Sweden, Norway, and India.
  • Scientists in India and France have expressed concern about this new form as well. He claims that it can outperform BA.1.
  • That is, the number of reported cases is rapidly increasing.
  • As of January 10, the BA.2 subform was recognized in the United Kingdom.

What Do Scientists Say About Stealth Omicron?                              

  • “The rapid evolution of the sub-variants cannot be explained well yet,” said Anders Fomsgaard, a researcher at the Statens Serum Institute (SSI). I’m surprised by its growth, but I’m not concerned.
  • It may be more resistant to immunity in the population as a result of its infecting people more quickly.
  • He also stated that after becoming infected with BA.1, you may become infected with BA.2.
  • He further said that “it is a possibility, and we should be prepared for it.” We can see two peaks of this epidemic in this situation.

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