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Second death due to Delta Plus variant in Maharashtra: Woman became infected even after taking both Doses of Vaccine


The second case of death from the Delta Plus variant has been reported in Maharashtra. A 63-year-old woman died in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar in July. After the report came, the Delta Plus variant has been confirmed in the woman. Earlier on June 13 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, an 80-year-old woman had also died due to this variant.

The special thing is that the woman had taken both doses of the vaccine. Even after this, he had problems with lungs and breathing, after which he was put on oxygen at home. On 21 July her report came positive and on 24 July she was admitted to the hospital, where she died three days later. On August 11, the information about the Delta Plus variant in the woman was given to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on behalf of the State Health Department.

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Delta Plus among seven people in contact with a woman

  • According to the Health Department, a genome acceptance test of some corona-infected patients was done. It has been revealed that seven people are infected with the Delta Plus variant. In all these, this variant has come from contact with each other.
  • Metropolitan Municipality officials say that the woman was one of the seven people. Now, this variant has also been confirmed in two people who came in contact with the woman.
  • Dr. Mangala Gomre, Executive Health Officer, Public Health Department of BMC said that the 63-year-old woman died of the Delta Plus variant. All the people who came in contact with him are being investigated, in which symptoms of corona have been seen in six people.
  • Samples of all have been sent for genome acceptance, out of which the delta variant has been confirmed in two.
  • The reports of the other four people are awaited. He told that this is the first case of death from the Delta Plus variant in Mumbai.

Continued deteriorating health

  • N Ward Health Officer Dr. Mahendra Khande said that the victim woman was admitted to Godrej Memorial Hospital. But, her health deteriorated here, after which the family members took him to Breach Candy Hospital. Here the woman died.
  • The Delta Plus variant is quite contagious. Due to this, 20 new variant cases have been confirmed across the state on Wednesday.
  • There are six cases each in seven Mumbai, Pune, and police stations. The number of delta plus variant cases in the state has reached 65. Of this, 33 patients are in the age group of 19 to 45 years. At the same time, 17 patients are in the age group of 46 to 60.

Delta looking aggressive in many countries

  • Dr. Vinod Scaria of IGIB, New Delhi said that after Delta, all the forms that are coming out now are being kept in the category of this new variant. It is looking quite aggressive in many countries including America, but it is not so far in India.
  • These new forms have definitely been identified in India, but there is no information about more people getting infected than those patients, but if we take the example of other countries, then this situation can come in India anytime. So everyone has to be constantly careful.

New forms of Delta Plus have been found in America and Britain

  • Dr. Vinod said that most of the new forms of Delta Plus have been found in America and Britain. Apart from Delta, Delta Plus, AY 2.0, AY 3.0, and AY 5 have been found in India so far.
  • AY5 has also been found in the UK. In such a situation, a lot of similarities are also being seen on the global level of the new forms of Delta.

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