NASA will utilize Fitbit to prevent covid-19 from spread to astronauts

NASA will provide Fitbits to their 1,000 employees, including 150 astronauts, that are critical for space missions, to prevent them from the spread of covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Fitbit teams up with NASA to equip employees with Fitbit charge devices in the pilot program, and access to Fitbit in-app check-in feature. 

The daily check-in program will assist them in log their temperature, and other symptoms related to covid and other health metrics and will receive covid guidelines according to CDC. 

Though, NASA has taken some actions earlier for the health stabilization of its employees, located across the US, with their isolation and other preventive facilities. 

The Fitbit device can sense the symptoms such as heart rate, and other health key symptoms to recognize harmful illnesses such as covid-19 without even realization of the person, as there are some illnesses that are caused without indicating symptoms. 

The Fitbit will allow the user to check various uncertainty in their body, alongside the self-reported symptoms, and will guide the employee that whether to come for work or not. 

The pandemic has shown us the essential role of Fitbit in improving the breathing pattern, sleep pattern, moving when important and eat healthily, and various other health metrics, which are the important element of health and wellness, Said Amy Mc Donough, managing Director, and General Manager, Fitbit health solutions at google. 

“We are so proud to work with NASA, and obliged to help them in the health of their employees for the successful space mission, the company stated.”

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