Muslim Personal Law Board spokesman Sajjad Nomani has also Come out in Support of the Taliban


After Sambhal MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq of Samajwadi Party, Muslim Personal Law Board spokesman Sajjad Nomani has also come out in support of the Taliban. On Wednesday, he issued a statement justifying the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. He said that they has defeated the strongest forces of the whole world.

These youths have kissed the land of Kabul. Further said that the Muslims of India salute the Taliban. He thanked Allah for the victory of the Taliban.

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Burk compared the Taliban to freedom fighters

Before Sajjad Nomani, Shafiqur Rahman Burk also made a controversial statement in support of them. He said that the Taliban are fighting for the freedom of their country. The people of Afghan want freedom under his leadership.

When India was under British rule, our country also fought for independence. Now they are trying to liberate their country and are fighting for it. He was booked after the controversial statement of Burke, MP from Sambhal, after which his tone changed. Shafiqur Rahman clarified this on Twitter and said that I have not made any such statement.

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