Microsoft on Healthcare- Artificial Intelligence with Nuance.

Microsoft on Healthcare is betting big numbers in terms of artificial Intelligence. The software is planning to buy Nuance Communictions Inc. to get a hold of the Siri voice technology. This will help in note-taking for the doctors and better predicting the patient’s ailment. Microsoft will soon break the news, as soon as any confirmation is received regarding the same.

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The price discussed here could cause around $56 a share, a 23% premium to Friday’s close. However, this information is disclosed by someone close to the company. The purchase would give Nuance an equity value of about $16 billion, making Microsoft’s largest acquisition since LinkedIn Corp.

Microsoft has been trying to expand itself in the health care sector for quite along. Therefore, trying to sell more and more cloud software to hospitals and health care clinics. It has been working with Nuance for two years on AI software that helps clinicians capture patient discussions and integrate them into electronic health records, and combining the speech technology company’s products into its Teams chat app for telehealth appointments. The “Nuance deal would be a trophy for Redmond,” said Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, referring to Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft. “Nuance is in the midst of an unprecedented strategic turnaround the last few years under the leadership of CEO Mark Benjamin and we believe the company represents a unique asset on the health-care front for Microsoft on healthcare.”

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