How contagious will corona become in the coming years?


The havoc of Corona, which has been going on for about one and a half years around the world, is not taking its name to stop. Scientists are considering the new variants emerging due to mutations in the coronavirus to be quite contagious and fatal, which is why with the end of the second wave, the fears about the third wave have intensified.

As corona is becoming increasingly dangerous with every mutation, there are questions in the minds of people that how serious can it take in the coming years? In recent research, scientists have made a big disclosure about this.

Based on a modeling study, scientists say that in the next few years, the coronavirus may also behave like the common cold virus, that is, scientists believe that the severity of the coronavirus will weaken in the coming few years.

In this modeling study, scientists have said that there are indications that in the coming years, coronavirus infection will mostly occur in young children who have not been vaccinated or who have never been exposed to this virus before. So will there be no need to worry about Corona in the coming years?

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The risk of infection may be higher in children only

  • The team of study US-Norwegian says that since all studies so far have found that the severity of corona is usually less in children, it is expected that in the coming years, the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • The impact of the virus will subside and the infection will be confined to a few parts of the global population.
  • Professor Otar Bjornstad, of the University of Oslo in Norway, says that serious cases are definitely being indicated after infection with the coronavirus, but this study has revealed that its effect is going to reduce in the coming time.

The infection will transfer to young children

  • In the study published in the journal ‘Science Advances, scientists say, based on the study, it can be said that in the coming years, more and more adults and older people around the world will either have been vaccinated or due to infection.
  • Immunity will have been formed in the body, in such a situation, these people will become immune by coming in contact with the virus. Because of this, the risk of infection will be transferred to young children.
  • Scientists say that in the past also, cases of coronavirus and influenza virus have been seen to be shrinking in some parts of the world.

What do the researchers say?

  • Professor Otar Björnstad says, “If we look at the historical record of respiratory diseases, it is known that over time the epidemic has weakened and shifted to people who were not vaccinated.” The Russian flu epidemic in the years 1889–1890 is an example of this.
  • However, Björnstad cautioned that if the body’s immunity against the corona is weakened for any reason, it can create more problems for people of other age groups, although the severity of the disease remains low compared to previous infections. There are chances of that.

What are the study findings?

  • For the study, scientists tried to know the future threat of corona on the basis of the ‘Realistic-Age Structure’ (RAS) mathematical model. For this, 11 countries like China, Japan, Spain, UK, France were investigated for the burden of disease.
  • In the conclusion of the study, scientists say that this research done on the basis of immunity and demographics shows that the corona epidemic will stop in the coming few years. However, to achieve this goal, it is necessary to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible. Source- Amar Ujala

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