Facebook Has Launched a “Read First Prompt” to Make People Read the News Article Before sharing 

The gigantic social media platform Facebook has launched a read-first prompt that will make the users read the articles before sharing them. Facebook says the decision comes as the company’s new way of promoting more informed news and articles. If you go to share an article or news without opening or reading it, Facebook will show a prompt of opening and reading it, before sharing it with others. It mimics the “read article first” prompt that was launched last year to achieve informed discussion on the platform.

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This new facility of prompt on Facebook is meant to address the misinformation and fake news, which is a big concern for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, especially amid the covid-19 pandemic. Facebook shares an image of the prompt, tells users that they are about to share an article without opening it, when they do this, “sharing articles without reading them may mean missing key facts, the prompt says. It further gives users an option to “open an article” or “continue sharing”, if they wish to go ahead without reading.

When Twitter has no clue how much this first prompt will make a difference, the company said that its prompts against offensive tweets prompted about 34% of people to revise their reply or decide not to send their reply at all. It further said that the prompts also resulted in 11% fewer offensive replies in the future.

Facebook is testing this new prompt across various platforms including Android smartphones. You may not receive it immediately, but in a few days it will show up on your Facebook account too.

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