CBSE Launches “Dost For life” Mobile App For Students

  • CBSE launched the mobile application “ Dost For life” to help students and parents with their mental health conditions. 
  • There will be free live Counselling sessions that would be Conducted on Online Platforms. 
  • This is the very first initiative by the CBSE in favour of Well – Being of Psychological Health of Students. 
  • Although from 10th May 2021, Monday Onwards the Application Would be Available on Google play to Freely Downloading for everyone across the World. 


  • According to the release made by CBSE Board, the new App will simultaneously cater to students and parents from CBSE affiliated schools in different geographies across the world.
  • The live counselling sessions will be conducted free of cost, thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday by the trained counsellors/Principals.
  • This year there are 83 volunteers out of which 66 are in India and 17 located in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nepal, Oman, Kuwait, Japan and the USA. The students and parents can also pick their own time slots and connect through a Chatbox to their convenience.

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  • The app is currently available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded by Android phone users
  • However, the entire information of this Application is Available Online.

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