25 Easy and Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali Decoration Ideas
Explore more Diwali decoration ideas from traditionally used candles, diyas, etc

Diwali is the auspicious festival among Hinduism and this year it will be celebrated on 4th November. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Diwali is the festival of lights that marks positivity all around. People in Diwali clean their house, organize everything, burst crackers, decorate their homes, light candles-diyas, make rangolis, etc.

Every corner of the house is decorated on this day. People every year try to bring new Diwali decoration ideas. This article will be a boon for those who are searching for new Diwali decoration ideas. Here we have mentioned 25 new, innovative Diwali decoration ideas for you. 

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25 Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas

1- Diya Danglers with Cardboard and Old Newspaper

Diya Danglers
Image Credits -homemakeover. in

Reuse old newspaper and cardboard to make some unique Diya Danglers. Also, you can reuse other different old items from your home and make something unique with them. By doing this you are contributing to an eco-friendly Diwali celebration.


  1. Cut newspapers and cardboard in the shape of Diyas.
  2. After cutting them, paste the newspapers on cardboard.
  3. Now, paint the diyas with beautiful colors.
  4. Use Kundan, Glitter, Stones to decorate them.
  5. Make danglers with a colour full paper or you can pain newspaper and use them too. Then quill them at the end of diyas.
  6. Using color full threads hang them on the door or in worshiping room.

2- Glass Candles

Glass Candles
Image Credits -couponraja

Glass candles are Diwali’s new trends. Glass candles look classy and are also one of the pocket-friendly Diwali decoration ideas. This Diwali decorate your house with these cute and classy glass candles.


  1. Purchase small glasses or shot glasses and white or cream color candles, both in equal number.
  2. Now, place the candles in the glasses.
  3. Place the glasses in every corner of the house.
  4. You can even use glitter to decorate glasses.
  5. Light the candles and place them in a sequence form to see the magical glow.

3- String Lights

string Lights
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

You have surely seen this decoration in various birthday decorations. This is the best Diwali decoration idea for the living room. Using string lights with curtains, using it with different objects, etc. String lights are the new trend these days. You can use normal white color string lights or colorful ones too. These easy and unique Diwali decoration ideas will surely help you.


  1. Purchase white color string lights from the market.
  2. In the corner of your house or the window drape the lights with curtains. String lights look best with sheer curtains.
  3. Don’t worry if you don’t have sheer curtains. You have to pull your window curtains up as shown in the picture.
  4. Place any sheer cloth or dupatta in between the curtain rods.
  5. You can even use a saree and place string lights with it. Hang the saree anywhere you like.

4- String Light Table Lamp

String Light Table Lamp
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

String lights table lamps are not expensive and easy to make. These lamps look trendy and normally you can use them for decoration.


  1. Collect different shapes of glasses from your house.
  2. Purchase normal gift wrapping materials.
  3. Now decorate the glass from that gift wrapping materials.
  4. You can even decorate it with stones, artificial flowers, etc.
  5. Stuck the materials with a needle or sellotape.
  6. Put string lights in the glass and here you go.
  7. You can make string light table lamps with different shapes/sizes of glass. You can even use a glass bottle.

5- Flower Garlands

Flower Garlands
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

Flower garlands are the basis decoration item in an Indian family. These easy-to-make decoration times can be used in many different ways. Different flowers can be used together to make a beautiful decoration item.


  1. Purchase different flowers.
  2. Using a needle put the flowers asymmetrically as you like, in a thread.
  3. Now repeat the same step with others.
  4. In few minutes you will make many flowers garlands.
  5. Place the garlands in the center of your room or any corner.
  6. Decorate the corner or center with other things.

6- Wine Glass and Diya Decor for Dining Table

Wine Glass and Diya Decor for Dining Table
Image Credits -pinimg.com

These easy and unique Diwali decoration ideas will give a makeover to your dining table. Trendy wine glass and diya makeover will give a trendy look to your dining table. It will not take time and are pocket-friendly too. You can create a center of attraction with these wine glasses. Your friends and relatives are going to like this decoration. You need to try this.


  1. Take out some wine glasses.
  2. Put some water in the wine glasses.
  3. Place tea light candles in the glasses.
  4. You can put rose petals or fresh flowers in the wine glass.
  5. Place it in between your dining table. Your center of attraction for this Diwali is ready.

7- Eco-Friendly Vegetable Diya Stick

Eco-Friendly Vegetable Diya Stick
Image Credits -staticflickr.com

This childish and easy eco-friendly diya will make your Diwali unique this year. Enjoy making them with your kids at home. Eco-friendly vegetable diya in your dining table will create a center of attraction. Try out this.


  1. Take some cucumbers and carrots.
  2. Cut cucumber in the shape of diya and carrot in the shape of a flame.
  3. Use a bamboo stick and place them together, in the shape of a diya.
  4. Now place all the sticks together in a bowl or glass.
  5. Fill some toffees inside the bowl or glass.

8-  Pistachio Shell Candle Stick

Image Credits -couponraja

Try this DIY pistachio shell candlestick. This is another classy and pocket-friendly Diwali decoration idea, you need to try. DIY’s are surely the best thing when you don’t have much time.


  1. Collect some waste pistachio shells, clean each of them.
  2. Cut cardboard or use an old CD for the base.
  3. Now, paint the pistachio shells with paint and colors.
  4. Place the pistachio shells on the base with hot glue.
  5. Place the tea light candle in the center of the look.\

9- Hemp Twine Diwali Balls

Hemp Twine Diwali Balls
Image Credits -handimania.com

Try these hemp twin Diwali balls decoration for this Diwali. DIY lovers surely know the importance of it. Hemp twin Diwali balls make your wall decorative and classy too. You don’t need much stuff to make it.


  1. Fill a balloon with air or gas and the end properly.
  2. Spread glue on the balloon and wrap the balloon using a hemp thread.
  3. Now take a pin and get the air out from ballon.
  4. Deflate the ballon get it out.
  5. Place the lighting fixture inside the hemp ball from the opening.
  6. Hang the hemp twin Diwali balls in the ceiling or walls.

10- Floating Tea Candles

Floating Tea Candles
Image Credits -couponraja

If you are looking for some easy Diwali decoration ideas, this is for you. A floating tea candle doesn’t take much time and looks classy. You need to try these and place them at the table or center of your home. Instead of placing candles all over the home, place them together in a vessel.


  1. Purchase some tea light candles.
  2. Take a metal vessel and it with fill water.
  3. Put tea lights in the vessel.
  4. Put some rose petals or glitter into it.

11- Mirror String Lights Decoration 

Mirror String Lights Decoration
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

Decorating the mirror with lights is the normal thing everyone does. This easy decoration gives an astonishing look to your house. Lightning mirror selfies are trendy these days. You should try this.


  1. Get some string lights from the market.
  2. Drape the lights in the mirror or any other furniture you like.
  3. Place the lights using a sellotape or whichever suits you.
  4. The tinkling reflection of string lights with a mirror gives a royal look.

12- Cinnamon Candles

Cinnamon Candles
Image Credits -pinimg.com

By adding some aromatic elements to the decoration can give elegant look to it. Cinnamon candles’ fragrance will make you forget room freshener. This will give you two benefits, one is a classy look and second the aromatic fragrance.


  1. Buy some cinnamon sticks and a big-round white candle.
  2. Tie all the cinnamon sticks around the candle with a thread.
  3. You can even add some glitters to it.
  4. Trust me to put these cinnamon candles alone or in a group, they are eye-catching.

13- Plastic Bottles Light

Plastic Bottles Light
Image Credits -couponraja

Everyone has waste plastic bottles in their home. You all have already seen many DIYs using plastic bottles. Use those DIYs in Diwali and decorate your home with plastic bottles.


  1. Collect waste plastic bottles from the home.
  2. Cut these bottles and keep the top part only.
  3. Now you can either cover the top parts with colorful thread or you can paint them.
  4. Use pompons, stones, or fringes at the edges.
  5. Hang these bottles with colorful thread, garlands, or string lights.

14- Paper Cup Lights

Paper Cup Lights
Image Credits -floweraura

Trust me paper cup lights are another most easiest and unique Diwali decoration idea. This is pocket-friendly and time-consuming too. Try these with your kids, let them sparkle their creativity.


  1. Buy some paper cups from the market.
  2. Color the paper cup in different colors.
  3. Make a hole at the end of every paper cup.
  4. Place the lights of sting light into that hole with sellotape.
  5. You can even cut the paper cup into different shapes and sizes.

15- Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights
Image Credits -floweraura

Everyone is aware of fairy lights. The best decoration item used in birthdays, marriages, festivals, pujas, etc. Fairy lights are easy to make and pocket-friendly.


  1. Take our old glass bottles.
  2. Put string lights inside the bottles.
  3. Plug the light into the switchboard and your fairy light is ready.
  4. Also, cover the top of the bottle with some colorful stones, etc you like.

16- Decorate Curtains with Flower Garland 

Decorate Curtains With Flower Garland 
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

Draping flower garlands around curtains looks cool and elegant. It simply tells that the festive season is on. This is another one of the easy and unique Diwali decoration ideas.


  1. Simply make some flower garlands.
  2. Drape the flower garlands on the edge of the curtains as shown in the image.
  3. You can also drape string lights with it for an elegant look.

17- Flower Chandeliers

Flower Chandeliers
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

Flower chandeliers look cool and beautiful. You can easily make them with items available at home. Hang these fancy flower chandeliers at different heights in your room.


  1. First, you need a wooden embroidery hoop or a strong circular object.
  2. Buy some flowers, ribbon, glue, laces, feathers.
  3. Take out the outer ring from the wooden hoop.
  4. Mark 4 equal lines in the wooden hoop.
  5. Take the ribbon and mark the equal lining in the ribbon.
  6. Now your flower’s chandelier base is ready.
  7. Take the flowers and tie them at the end of the 4 ribbons.
  8. Now place other ribbons of different lengths to the wooden hoop.
  9. Add, other flowers to those ribbons.
  10. After adding flowers make sure the weight is balanced.
  11. Now take a beautiful lace and with glue paste it to the outside of the hoop.
  12. Your handmade flower chandelier is ready.

18- Paper Kandils

Paper Kandils
Image Credits -ariyonainterior

Diwali is not complete without paper kandils or paper lanterns. How can we forget to add them to our Diwali decoration ideas? Paper kandils are so popular in Diwali. People these days like to make them at home.


  1. Buy some printed sheets, plain paper, and glue.
  2. Take the printed sheet and fold it in half.
  3. With a pencil draw equal horizontal lines and cut them equally from the middle. Keep space at both ends.
  4. After cutting paste the printed paper to the plain paper.
  5. First, paste on the end then paste the other end.
  6. Now fold the sheet and give it a cylindrical shape. Paste the end of the plain sheet.
  7. For keeping light inside the kandle, close its one end.
  8. Take a plain sheet and close one end.
  9. Cut a small strip from printed paper and attach it to the top. Now, you can hang the kandle.
  10. Keep a small T-light candle inside it and hang it anywhere.
  11. Beautiful handmade kandle is ready.

19- Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings
Image Credits -homesthetics.net

It’s time to use empty tins of chocolate, cookies, biscuits, sweets and decorate your home this Diwali. Usually, Indians use empty tins for keeping other essentials at home. Like, Bournvita Dabba for pickle. It’s funny but it is common for Indians. Empty tins can be used in different ways for decoration.


  1. Take out some empty tins.
  2. If the tins are big you can cut them in half.
  3. Wrap the tins with colorful paper.
  4. On the wall place a wooden hanger and hang it.
  5. Attach the tins to the wall with the help of glue.
  6. Now using threads and clips tie the tins with a hanger.

20- Bottle Lights

Bottle Lights
Image Credits -diyprojects

Save your empty wine bottles and use them for decoration this Diwali. This is another one of the easy and unique Diwali decoration ideas. You just need 3 items and your bottle lights are ready.


  1. Take some empty wine or glass bottles.
  2. Place light inside the bottles.
  3. Close the top of bottles with a corkscrew.
  4. Your bottle lights are ready.
  5. Place them at the corners of your home or hang them using a rope.

21- Entrance Diwali Decoration Ideas

Entrance Diwali Decoration
Image Credits -enhanceyourpalate

Decorating the entrance of the house plays an important role in Indian families. In puja, marriages, parties decorating the entrance of the house had their own importance. This Diwali decorates your entrance with this easy decor.


  1. Take some flower garlands and place them horizontally or vertically to the door.
  2. Place some string lights with it.
  3. Take three plates, put diyas in them, and fill them with rose petals.
  4. Place the plates at the entrance and put flower garland all around it.
  5. Decorate the entrance with decorative diyas.

22- Diwali Decoration Ideas for Puja Room 

Puja Room Decoration With Flowers
Image Credits -Pinterest

On Diwali, the whole house is decorated with different things. Flowers are an easy item for decoration, you can create various handmade ideas with flowers. You can even use paper flowers, in case if you like.


  1. Make some flower garlands and place them as shown in the picture.
  2. Place some flowers at the corners of the puja room.
  3. You can paste some paper flowers on the wall of the puja room.

23- Diwali Decoration Ideas for Outdoor

Balcony Decoration For Diwali
Image Credits -Pinterest

It is necessary to decorate the balcony or outside the house on the day of Diwali. You can mix different ideas together and create a unique one.


  1. Place some string lights on the balcony.
  2. Put a paper kandle at the top in the middle of the balcony.
  3. Take an empty tin, decorate it, put diya in between, fill it with rose petals and place it in the middle of the balcony.
  4. Use colorful candles all around the tin.
  5. Your balcony is ready for Diwali.

24- Wall Decoration Ideas

Wall Decoration Ideas
Image Credits -designcafe

Decorate the walls with different creative ideas. You can use the decorative walls as selfie props. It gives the corner of the room an elegant look. There are different ideas we have mentioned below, which you can try.


  1. Use paper garlands of different shapes for decoration.
  2. You can make paper torans.
  3. Place string lights around the showcase or furniture.
  4. Place a diya stand and put colorful diyas in it.
  5. Hang T-lights with their metal holders.

25- Toran

Image Credits -magicpin

Torans make the Diwali festival more appealing. You can hang toran at the entrance, in the house, etc. There is a number of torans available in the market. Also, you can make handmade torans too. Torans were hanged to welcome Maa Lakshmi on Diwali.


  1. Take some stones, Lord Ganesha or Maa Laksmi’s artificial pendant, and some other items.
  2. Make small stone garlands.
  3. Put 3 stones then 1 stone garland and then the pendant.
  4. Your handmade toran is ready.
  5. Also, you can make it with other homemade items too.
  6. Or, buy toran and place it at the entrance door and in the puja room.

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