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Covid-19 vaccination is for those who need, not who want: Government


Amid the surge of covid-19, the demands of vaccinating all age groups of people have increased. The union health ministry said that it will not be open for all age groups as of now. The vaccination drive aims to first vaccinate those who need it, not those who want it.

A wide population of people is curious to know that why vaccination shouldn’t open for all ages. Well, there is two aim of the covid-19 vaccination drive- to prevent deaths and prevent healthcare system. The aim is not to administer the vaccine to those who want it but to those who need it,” said Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, addressing a press conference on the current conditions of covid-19.

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This statement came after Maharashtra cm Uddhav Thackeray and Delhi’s cm Arvind Kejriwal sought a large vaccination drive. He said, even the outer countries are conducting the vaccination in phases.

“We need to understand that we are carrying out adult vaccination and sudden ramping up cannot be done. The ramping up has to be done in a scientific manner which says that when you are being inoculated then one has to sit for 30 minutes to observe if any adverse event takes place. So keeping that in mind with scientific rigor, we have administered about 8 crore doses in less than 80 days in our country,” he said.

Dr. V.k paul, NITI Ayog member has said “What we know so far is that all vaccines that are being used, including the two being used in India, reduce mortality, the severity of the disease, protect lives, and keeping that in mind priority groups have been decided.”

India began its covid-19 vaccination drive on 16 January 2021 with two vaccines– Covidshield manufactured by the serum institute of India and Covaxin manufactured by Bharat biotech limited.
India began its vaccination drive with the front-line workers and health workers. The second phase of covid-19 started with the people above 60 and for those who are 45 and older or with comorbidities began on march 1. The third phase of the vaccination drive began on April 1.

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