COVID-19 Vaccination After 3 Months of Covid Recovery

Covid-19 vaccination after 3 months of covid recovery has been recommended by the center in order to increase the vaccine efficacy. 

vaccination gap is increased to 3 months after covid recovery

Covid-19 Vaccination can be taken after three months of covid recovery, the center said today. Furthermore, the second dose of covid shot will also be delayed if infection occurs after the first dose by three months. Till now there was no fixed gap for such conditions. The medical experts have recommended a gap of 2-4 weeks to the vaccine beneficiaries, with or without covid infection.

Recently Dr. Randeep Guleria – chief minister of Delhi’s AIIMS and a member of the center’s covid task force has conducted a press conference where he mentioned a gap of four weeks in such condition.

These new rules are a piece of the recommendation by the national expert group on vaccine administration-NEGVAC for covid led by NITI Ayog member dr VK paul which has been welcomed by the union health ministry.

The new recommendations of experts also recommended vaccines for lactating women.

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These changes of vaccination after 3 months of covid recovery have come less than a week after the government recommended the gap between two doses of vaccination of Covidshield from 6-8 weeks to 12-16 weeks.

“Based on available real-life evidence, particularly from the United Kingdom, the COVID-19 Working Group has agreed to increase dosing interval between two doses of Covishield to 12-16 weeks. No change in intervals for Covaxin was recommended,” the government said in its statement.

This new step towards the extension of the gap of vaccination drive has got much criticism from congress in the backdrop of a severe vaccine shortage.

The decision of today will impact lakhs of people who have gone through the covid infection. 2.67 lakh new cases are reported today nationwide, with an overall count of 2.54 crore and active cases to 1,27,046.

The country also set a record of 4,529 deaths of covid-19 patients within 24 hours, busting the highest daily deaths reported by the United States in January with 4,475 cases.

Well, the cases are decreasing, still, the positive rate is not in the safe region yet.




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