After Black Fungus now 4 White Fungus cases found in Patna affecting Kidney and Lungs

Lungs and Kidney are also infected with white fungus

Bihar- Amid the corona epidemic, cases of black fungus are seeing a boom in Bihar these days. In the meantime, now there has been a stir due to the receipt of cases of white fungus.

Four patients of white fungus have appeared in the capital Patna. One of the infected patients also includes a famous expert from Patna. This disease is being described as more dangerous than black fungus. It is being told that the lungs are infected with the white fungus, just like the corona. At the same time, the infection can also spread to other parts of the body such as nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts, and mouth.

So far, four patients with this disease have been found in Patna. Dr. SN Singh, head of the microbiology department of PMCH has given this information. He told that four patients had symptoms like Corona (Corona Patients) but they did not have corona. All his tests were negative. On being tested, it was revealed that he was infected with white fungus.

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How is White Fungus diagnosed?

  • However, it was a relief that only four patients recovered from giving anti-fungal medication. According to doctors, lungs are also infected with white fungus.
  • On performing HRCT, a corona-like infection is seen. Diabetes patients are more at risk.
  • Doctors say that if the symptoms of corona are seen in HRCT then it is necessary to check the mucus culture to get rid of white fungus.
  • He told that the region of this is also going to have a low immunity like that of black fungus.
  • Its risk is more in those people who are diabetic patients. Or taking steroid medications for a long time.

19 new patients have been found of Black fungus in Bihar

  • In New Born Babies, this is seen as diaper candidiasis, while women may complain of leucorrhea due to this reason. Black fungus cases are already coming up in Bihar.
  • On Wednesday, 19 new patients were revealed.
  • At the same time, surgery was also done for two patients. Special care should be taken of patients using oxygen or ventilators to avoid black fungus.
  • The hose to be used must be clean every day to avoid this.

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