City Industries Take a Big Hit Amid Lockdown in Delhi 

Amid the lockdown in Delhi and other big cities like Maharashtra, industrialists are facing big trouble. Jalandhar is the center of various industries such as sports, pipe fittings, valves, and so on. The rising prices of raw materials have distressed the manufacturers and traders. 

The city traders said it was a tough time for us to survive in the middle of such a pandemic, regretting as there was no clarity over the restrictions. “We have been facing several problems from the past few months but the government is not doing anything to resolve them,” said a trader.

The rates of raw materials have increased to 50%, said a pipe fitting and manufacturer Subha Singh. “Also, nobody is ready to purchase goods anymore, because everyone is concerned about their health and fear contracting the virus. But, the situation has become difficult for us as we are paying regular electricity bills even if the units are shut,” he said.

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Gursharan Singh, an industrialist had shown concern about the already manufactured goods will hit them hard, as they are not able to forward them to the market due to restrictions. “For being unable to deliver the products, the party won’t release the payment and this will hit our economy hard,” he said adding that despite this situation, they could not halt the production.

He further said that the units are not working to their full potential. “The rate of raw material is so high that a small trader and manufacture like me cannot even afford to purchase it. Surviving amid such conditions is becoming difficult for industrialists,” he regretted. 



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