Wednesday, September 28

Apple is Planning for Redesigning Air Pods This Year, New Airpods Pro in 2022

Apple is preparing for modernization of its entry-level air pods for this year and a new creation of the AirPods for next year, according to the people with knowledge of the matter.

The new base ear pods will spot the first update to the product since March 2019 with the addition of a new design resembling that of Airpods pro. The earbuds will come with a new case and shorter stems poking out of the bottom of each one. The upcoming air pod pro will be the first update to the product since October 2019 and will consist of an updated motion sensor with a focus on fitness tracking, people said keeping the name anonymous.

Previously Apple had aimed to launch the new Airpods pro as early as this year, reported by Bloomberg in 2020. The renovation to its wireless earbuds range will boost the company’s wearables, home accessories segment, which has grown vigorously which now accounts for more than $30 billion in yearly revenue, exceeding 10% of total sales.

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Well, the last Apple introduction of Apple for AirPods related hardware was over-ear AirPods max headphones in December. And that pair of $549 earned criticism for high prices but appreciated for its materials and sound. However, Apple is currently caught up with the demand of the product and it’s not currently working for a second generation of the AirPods max, although it had discussed launching additional variations in the future.

As a part of its large home, audio, and accessories strategy, it has also begun early development of home pod speakers with a built-in screen as well as devices that combine the features of the home pod, facetime camera, and Apple TV, Bloomberg reported. The competition for speakers with screens is already ubiquitous. Apple launched a home pod mini speaker last year in 2020 and has come up with a minor update to the Apple TV set-top box last month.

For the new Airpods pro, Apple has also tested a design that eliminated stems. Nonetheless, that look will appear as debut on new beats branded wireless earbuds planned to be announced next month.

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