Why do Mosquitoes drink Human Blood? Know the Scientific Reason

The reason why only female mosquitoes drink blood is so that they can nourish their child-bearing bodies. Blood is full of proteins and amino acids, which makes it the perfect prenatal supplement for growing mosquito eggs, which is why only female mosquitoes drink blood

Mosquitoes are considered harmful insects, which survive by sucking the blood of humans or other animals. It is believed that only female mosquitoes suck blood, not males. Often you must have seen that mosquitoes suck your blood and then they fly away from there but have you ever thought about why they drink human blood?

How did he get used to this? Earlier scientists also did not know the answer to these questions, but now they have found the answer, which is very surprising. You will be surprised to know that earlier mosquito did not drink blood. There has been a gradual change in them for a reason.

First of all, let us tell you that there are many species of mosquitoes in the world. One of them is the Aedes aegypti mosquito of Africa. There are many species of this mosquito as well. It is because of them that the Zika virus spreads. They are also the cause of dengue and yellow fever.

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Princeton University Study

  • Scientists from Princeton University studied them and came to the conclusion that mosquitoes of all species do not drink blood, but many of them eat and drink other things to survive.
  • Princeton University researcher Noah Rose says that we first took the eggs of the Aedes aegypti mosquito from some places in Africa and then waited for them to emerge from those eggs.
  • After that, we released those mosquitoes inside closed boxes in the laboratory on humans and other animals to understand what their blood-drinking pattern is.
  • During this time we came to know that different species of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes had completely different food habits.

Why did Mosquitoes drink human blood?

  • Noah Rose believes that not all mosquitoes drink blood. In a place where the heat is high or the area remains dry, there is usually a shortage of water.
  • Mosquitoes, therefore, need moisture to breed. To meet this need for moisture, they start drinking the blood of humans or other animals.
  • This change has come in thousands of years regarding the drinking of blood inside them.

Mosquitoes have no problem breeding where water is stored, but as soon as they start feeling the lack of water, they start sucking the blood of humans or other animals. That is, it is clear from this that mosquitoes drink blood to meet the lack of water.

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