Uttrakhand CM Swearing-in Ceremony: Harak, Arya, Bishan Singh Chufal took the Oath and left the Raj Bhavan in a Hurry


For two days, there was a lot of political agitation within the BJP regarding the coronation of Pushkar Singh Dhami to the post of Uttrakhand CM. Since Saturday night, the talk of dissatisfaction of top leaders kept flying across the state with wings. This thing kept coming up many times before the swearing-in was taking place on Sunday evening. Once it was also decided that only Uttrakhand CM will take oath on this day. But gradually things became normal and at five 5 o’clock in the evening, all the leaders who were said to be angry at the swearing-in took the oath again.

Although all apparently aired the talk of dissatisfaction, the gestures of the leaders indicated that the smoke was still rising in the corridors of power and the spark was still smoldering somewhere.

According to sources, Satpal Maharaj, Cabinet Minister Harak Singh Rawat, Yashpal Arya, and Bishan Singh Chufal are at the forefront in the seniority order. It was believed that due to his relatively young age and experience, he was not very happy with the decision of the high command. During the swearing-in ceremony, the tightness of their mind was also clearly visible in the gestures of all the ministers. Arya and Harak came last for the swearing-in ceremony. His style on stage too was very pale. After taking the oath, the CM got up from his chair to pay respect, but the response of Satpal, Arya, Harak, Chufal was very weak.

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Harak, Arya, and Chufal Walk in Silence after Taking the Oath

After swearing-in, Harak, Arya, and Chufal leave silently during the event of the new Uttrakhand cm oath ceremony. The media kept searching for all the three leaders, but no one could be found. When the media wanted to talk to Harak going fast from Raj Bhavan, he started walking faster without speaking. Realizing everyone’s indifference, the supporters running with him started removing the media whether or not brother Saheb will not talk now. Will do it again.

Maharaj said there is no dissatisfaction, we will work together

After taking the oath, minister Satpal Maharaj, who was going out fast after being surrounded by the media, had to speak. There is no such thing as dissatisfaction. All together. After this, the Maharaj hurriedly sat down in his car.

Subodh-Arvind, Ganesh said, Propaganda of Congress

Some ministers openly praised the decision of the high command. Subodh Uniyal said that the work of Congress is to oppose. She will keep protesting. Everyone is united and will continue to move forward together as per the policies of the party. Cabinet Minister Arvind Pandey said that it is a good thing for the state that a young Uttrakhand CM has been found.

We all have got a chance to become cabinet ministers. Everyone will work side by side. There is no such thing as dissatisfaction. In BJP, not the individual but the organization is big. The opposition is spreading dissent, which also sees nine out of six. Cabinet Minister Banshidhar Bhagat said that all together will speed up the development of the state. There is no such thing as dissatisfaction

Congress has no right to ask Questions: Ganesh Joshi

Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi said that there is no such thing as dissatisfaction in the BJP. These discussions are media borne. And Congress has no right to ask questions. How can a party which is unable to decide its own president-leader of opposition, raise questions?

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