Suddenly Hot Water started Coming Out from the Well: People ran away leaving the bucket


A case of hot water coming out of a well in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra has come to light. Since then the well and its owner have remained a matter of discussion. People are reaching out to take out the water of the well and touch it with their hands to get satisfaction.

Bhanudas Saluki, who lives in a village called Akoli in Sangrampur tehsil of Buldhana district, has 40 feet deep well in his house, which he had built for 14-15 years ago. When Bhanudas took out water from his well on July 14, he was surprised that why the water of the well is so hot.

He again took out water from the well and touched it and saw that it was also hot, after which he panicked and ran away leaving the rope and bucket. Then what was there? This news spread like the wind in the whole village. People from far and wide started coming to console by touching the water.

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The administration sent samples for investigation

  • The Tehsil administration also got the news of hot water coming out of the well. Tehsildar along with his team reached to inspect the well.
  • When he also checked by putting his hands in the water, he also realized that the water being extracted from the well is very hot.
  • The most surprising thing is that 15 to 20 feet away from the well from which hot water is coming out, there is another well, whose water is normal.
  • The Tehsildar has sent the water samples of both the wells to the laboratory of Jalgaon-Jamod, now only after the report comes, what is the secret behind the heating of the water of the well.

Coldwater has to be mixed for bathing

  • The owner of the well, Bhanudas Solanki told that this well was dug 10 to 12 years ago.
  • Till now the water was coming properly, but from last 14 July, the water is suddenly getting hot. The water is so hot that cold water has to be mixed in it for bathing.

There is no acid coming out

  • The woman of the village says that we used to drink water from this well, suddenly the water is coming hot, due to which we and the rest of the village have come in panic.
  • What happened, after all, there is no acid coming out anywhere.

Waiting for Report

  • Vishvas Walde, the groundwater survey department, said, ‘The tehsildar informed me about the hot water coming out of the well in Akoli village.
  • I asked them to send the samples of the water coming from the hot water well and other nearby wells to the water laboratory located in Jalgaon-Jamod. When the report comes, we will know what is the reason.

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