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Twitter Listens More to America, in 99 Percent of Cases it Did Not Listen to India

Twitter took action on the request of the Indian government in only one percent of the cases, while in the US, Twitter took action on 22 percent of the cases

Silicon Valley company Twitter released a transparency report on Wednesday. It said that from January to June 2020, India had sent 2,613 requests to Twitter to remove objectionable content. In the subsequent six months i.e. from July 1 to December 31, 2020, 3,615 requests were sent from India to 7,762 Twitter accounts.

These included legal demands and emergency requests from government agencies and law enforcement officials. Twitter releases such reports every six months. In this, he gives information about the number of requests received from the governments in cases of violation of rules and the action taken on them.

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India at number one with 25% requests

  • According to Twitter data, India alone accounted for 25 percent of the requests for user information it received from July 1 to December 31, 2020, while the US accounted for 22 percent.
  • Twitter rejected India’s request in 99 percent of the cases, while it processed 59% of US requests for the same period.

America behind for the first time

  • The company says that we started publishing our transparency report in 2012. This is the first time that the US is not among the countries sending the most requests and India has overtaken it.
  • This time America was second in terms of getting user data compared to India.
  • Japan is at number three with 17 percent of requests and France is at number four with 14 percent of requests.
  • During the period July to December 2000, these four countries accounted for 78% of the requests received from around the world.

Twitter clearly said – we do not give account information unless there is a threat to someone’s life

  • The company wrote in a blog that over the past year we have faced serious global challenges, including the coronavirus, in which governments are making concerted efforts to limit Twitter in particular.
  • According to the company, where there is an unreasonable demand to provide information about user accounts to remove or withhold content, we do not accept it.
  • In case of emergency requests such as the risk of death or serious injury, the Company may provide user account details but shall provide sufficient evidence to show that the risk is avoided by providing account information. could.

150 emergency requests received from India, only one percent of cases are processed

  • India received only 150 such requests for emergency requests from Twitter. Whereas in the same period the US sent 822 such requests.
  • According to the company, this request from the US in case of emergency was the highest in the world.
  • Twitter took action on the request of the Indian government in only one percent of the cases, while in the US, Twitter took action on 22 percent of the cases.

128 requests from India alone regarding journalists and news content

  • According to the company, a total of 361 requests for information were received during July-December 2020 for 199 accounts of verified journalists and newsmen worldwide. Of these, 128 requests have come from India alone.

Twitter’s relations with India deteriorate

  • The report for the first six months of 2021 is yet to come. During these six months, there has been a tense situation between Twitter and the Indian government over strict information technology rules.
  • In February, during the farmers’ agitation, the company clashed with the government over the accounts that the government wanted to remove during the farmers’ protests.

Twitter considered some of the requests but declined to take action against the accounts of journalists, activists, or politicians.

  • Weeks after the tussle, India introduced new rules that, among other things, asked social media companies to appoint executives for three roles in the country.
  • This includes a Compliance Officer, a Grievance Officer, and a Liaison Person.
  • Twitter was recently reprimanded by the Delhi High Court for not following the new rules on time. The company then appointed an interim compliance officer.

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