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This was the Reason for Babar coming to India? The Biggest Challenge of Kunal Kapoor’s Career


Once OTT G5 took the lead in telling indigenous stories and had a brilliant plan to tell today’s generation the things of yesterday, but after getting entangled in the trap of imitating others, indigenous stories are getting away from it. One such famous story is the arrival of the Mughals in India. Why did Babur come across the Indus river? Was this the first sign of his invasion or was he really surrounded by his own empire? Did he hand over his sister to his enemy to save his throne?

What is the real story of Babur always seen as a tyrant in India? Now OTT Disney Plus Hotstar has taken the initiative to cover all such questions and find their answers in its eight-episode mega-budget series ‘The Empire’.

The trailer of the web series ‘The Empire’ was released on Saturday. Seeing the trailer, it seems that this is really a mega-budget series. It is also clear from this that ‘The Empire’ is the story of Babur’s struggle to become Babur.

Based on Alex Rutherford’s novel ‘Empire of the Mughal: Raiders from the North, this story follows Babur’s childhood till the point where a young emperor of Samarkand arrives in Delhi to challenge the Lodhi dynasty. He is the master of his intentions. And the alums of the trailer tell that some glimpses of the society divided according to religion are also going to be seen in the story.

According to the plot, there is no dearth of people watching the story of Babur in India. Also, it has to be kept in mind that Disney Plus Hotstar has prepared it according to the international audience. It is also set to release in seven regional languages ​​in India. The trailer that came out 20 days before the release of the series shows the prodigy and manages to create curiosity among the audience for the series.

Web series ‘The Empire’ actor Kunal Kapoor is making his digital debut on OTT. Seeing the trailer, it is understood that he has also worked hard to play the role of Babar. How successful he has been in this hard work, will be decided only after the release of the series.

The most attractive face seen in the trailer is that of Drashti Dhami. She too is set to take a giant leap in the digital world and his entry in the trailer acts as a catalyst. Dino Morea is here in the role of Villain. Shabani Khan’s lust is seen in her character. Rahul Dev also tries his best to make an impact and, if anyone sees the strongest character in all these characters, then it is Shabana Azmi. His on-screen appearance only manages to give a different aura to the trailer.

The trailer of the web series ‘The Empire’ is technically unable to impress as much as expected from the budget spent on it. Most of the scenes in the trailer have been created with special effects and the real test of the lighting combination will be to make these scenes captivating. The background music and stunt choreography of the trailer are reminiscent of the ‘Bahubali’ series films. What will be new in the show apart from the story, will be waiting to see.

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