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This Deadly Disease can happen after recovering from Corona

Corona has emerged as a serious and deadly disease. Whether you are infected or have recovered from the infection, it is proving to be dangerous for everyone. Even after recovering from Corona, many types of problems are being seen in people. Recent reports show that people recovering from corona are now at increased risk of serious diseases like TB.

Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar had recently told that so far 24-25 such cases have been registered in the state, in which people first got corona and then after recovery, they became victims of TB. He said that as a precaution, the government has started screening patients who have been cured of covid in the entire state. TB can be detected in patients early and they can be treated at the earliest because the longer the worse the disease. The more serious it will be.

Experts say that both Covid-19 and TB are very similar diseases. Both are respiratory diseases, which cause serious damage to the lungs and the most dangerous thing is that both diseases are contagious. So there is a need to be cautious.

Ignoring the symptoms Of Corona can be fatal

  • Experts say that Long Covid and TB symptoms are similar, so ignoring the symptoms can be fatal.
  • Actually, after recovering from corona, many people have difficulty in breathing and cough, similar symptoms are seen in TB too.
  • Therefore, after recovering from corona, if you are also having such problems, then on the advice of the doctor, do a TB test as well.

Corona can cause TB

  • Experts say that the use of steroids in the treatment of corona weakened immunity and increased lung infection can be the cause of TB.
  • Actually, TB is an infectious disease and it quickly catches the person whose immunity is weak.

Diabetes patients should also be alert

  • Since the immune system of patients suffering from diabetes is already weak and in such a situation, if they have corona, the immunity will obviously become even weaker.
  • In such a situation, he can also get TB disease very easily.
  • Therefore, diabetic patients need to be very cautious with corona and always keep the sugar level under control.

After recovering from corona, also pay attention to these symptoms

  • Weakness, fatigue, nervousness, depression, joint and muscle pain, loss of taste and smell, hair loss, and sleep problems are common in patients after recovering from the corona.
  • But the difficulty in breathing, chest pain, heart Increased rate, and formation of clots in the veins of the heart are serious problems that cannot be ignored, or else they can be life-threatening.

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